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Fate/Grand Order Reveals New Tabletop Figure Game

Gather round, Heroic Spirits! There's a new Fate/Grand Order game in town.

Aniplex have just revealed that the new tabletop game, ‘Fate/Grand Order DUEL -collection figure-, will be arriving in Australia!

The announcement was made today during the Fate/Grand Order 1st Anniversary Celebration Event at Anime Expo in the US.

The game combines miniature collectable figures and command cards, so you can bring the game characters to life and recreate the exciting battles of Fate/Grand Order on your table!

Here’s a list of the servants you can expect to see with the first release of figures, but we have no idea what the secret character is yet, so it’ll be a complete mystery! The figures are only available as a blind-box item, so the servant you summon will be completely random each time too.

Fate/Grand Order Duel -collection figures- (First Release)

Heroic Spirits highlighted above:
001: Altria Pendragon
002: Gilgamesh
003: Scáthach
004: Medb
005: Merlin
006: First Hassan
007: Cú Chulainn (Alter)
008: Mash Kyrielight
009: Secret Character

You might find it hard to focus on the strategic gameplay of Fate/Grand Order with these stunningly detailed and carefully crafted figures. 😉

Summon your favourite Servant, form your party, and take on this fateful Duel!

Fate/Grand Order DUEL -collection figure- will be available for pre-order on the Madman Online Store from Monday. Don’t miss out!


Fate/Grand Order DUEL -collection figure-

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