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Grace Coddington Steps Down as Vogue Creative Director

If you're anything like us, the news that the sassy star of THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE, Grace Coddington, plans to step down from her role as Vogue Creative Director caused a tiny involuntary wail at the back of your throat. Her ridiculously creative eye and stunning shoots have graced the pages of American Vogue for more than 25 years, and her no-nonsense attitude and incredible fashion pedigree are awe inspiring (seriously, read her book 'Grace: A Memoir', it is stupidly good). When watching her in THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE she makes her job seem easy, but her natural ability to transport a photo shoot into another world is a skill that every seasoned stylist would kill for. With another book in the works and some major collaborations coming up there is little doubt that this won't be the last we see of her, but in honour of her time at Vogue, we look back at 6 her best moments from THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE, and 15 of our favourite shoots.

6. Even the pro doesn’t know it all: “I’m making it up as I go along… whoops”

Grace 1

5. That time she tricked Anna Wintour into increasing her shoot’s budget by mentioning it on camera.

Grace 7

4. She certainly knew how to make her feelings known, “My feeling has always been that people should concentrate on their jobs, and not all this fashionable ‘I want to be a celebrity’ shit.”


3. When she dished up this advice to a colleague: “Don’t be too nice, even to me… because you’ll lose.”

Grace 3

2. Every time she pushed back on Anna Wintour:
Anna: “It’s similar to the one we did in July”
Grace: “It’s not, because you’re thinking of the one we shot and didn’t run. I’ve shot it twice, but we have not had it in the magazine”

Grace 5

1. When she said these words to live by: “You have to learn your way to beat your path through to make yourself felt and make yourself necessary.” 

coddington, grace


15. Vikram Chatwal and Kirsty Hume embark on an adventure (1997)


14. An 18-year-old Gisele Bündchen shines in this Mario Testino shoot (1998)

1500 (1)

13. Naomi Campbell and her then boyfriend Mike Tyson photographed by Bruce Weber (1989)


12. Caroline Demarchelier in ‘Jump Shot’ featured in THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE (2007) 


11. Jerry Hall tests her balance in this shoot by photographer Norman Parkinson for British Vogue (1973)


10. Kendall Jenner channels her inner child in ‘’ (2015)


9. Bonnie Berman defies gravity in this shoot photographed by Patrick Demarchelier for British Vogue (1983) 


8. ‘The Piano Lesson’ photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth (1994)


7. This lush green on green shoot featuring Gemma Ward, photographed by Steven Meisel (2006)

6. When Natalia Vodianova played Edith Wharton photographed by Annie Leibovitz (2012)


5. This tribute to the great Alexander McQueen photographed by Steven Meisel (2011)


4. Karen Elson and Carolyn Murphy are engulfed by flowers in a stunning shoot by Steven Klein (2013)


3. Natalia Vodianova in the iconic Alice in Wonderland shoot by Annie Leibovitz (2003)


2. Flashback to the 1920s with this shoot featured in THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE featuring Coco Rocha (2007)


1. Who could forget the iconic and controversial ‘Grunge and Glory’ shoot starring Naomi Campbell, shot by Steven Meisel (1992)


If you want to find out more about Grace Coddington make sure you check out the memoir mentioned above, you can read an interesting feature about her on the Guardian here, plus you can always bask in her glory in THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE.


We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!

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