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July Digital Releases Brings Dragon Ball Z And More!

What are we Saiyan?!? Dragon Ball Z available exclusively for digital purchase on Xbox July 10! Check out all digital releases!

We’re Krillin it with powerful releases on digital in July. Can’t get the Blu-Ray you want? Check out digital releases! We’ve got great new titles and old favourites to add to your collection, and we are kicking off with 90’s nostalgia and fan favourite, Dragon Ball Z!

This is the first time Dragon Ball Z will be available for digital purchase in Australia. But you won’t have to charge up long, all 9 seasons and 291 episodes will be available July 10th exclusively from the Xbox store!

Dragon Ball Z is a classic action adventure which follow Goku and friends as they try to protect the world from some supercharged enemies.

All episodes are English dubbed, so it’s great for binge watching and background viewing while you practice your Kamehameha.


Speaking of adventure and nostalgia…. Guess who grew up? All your favourite Digimon characters from Season One! Digimon Adventures Tri: Reunion is set six years after the first summer where Tai was sucked into the digital world.

Like the feeling of watching Andy grow up in Toy Story, seeing your old friends in Digimon brings it all back. While the Digital World has been closed off, like our hearts, when Kuwagamon appears in Odaiba, Tai launches into hero mode to help!

Digimon Adventures Tri: Reunion is released with the remainder of our shows on July 19.


Making us feel like real pirates, One Piece Film: Gold whisks us away to Gran Tesoro. An independent country home of the world’s best entertainment city. But when a city is run with Gold and pirates, things are bound to get arrrrrrrd! Except for Luffy, his body is basically rubber.


We’ve got a stellar crew to accompany our One Piece fans with the release of One Piece: Heart of Gold TV Special this month as well. This is a great tie to the film and a valuable addition to your collection. At 104 Minute run time, it’s almost two One Piece Films in the one month!

Live Action Features

Smashing onto screen this month is our favourite monster, Shin Godzilla! This King of Monsters tears through Japan leaving nothing but destruction in its wake. The mind behind Evangelion, Hideaki Anno, brings us a terrifying resurgence of the classic monster destruction tale.

After destroying the Japan Box-Office with USD$72 million, Godzilla hit our shores late last year, and now he’s now going to crush it on Home Entertainment. He looks pretty happy about that.


If you’re dying for some older films to sink your teeth into, then this is the month for you! Blood the Last Vampire is a live action feature where demons have infested the Earth. Saya is a half-human and half-vampire who stalks those that feed on human blood.

Slashing sword fights and English audio make this a great Action Horror for over 18s.


Haemoo is a great live action feature based on a true story of survival. When a fishing vessel takes on thirty illegal immigrants and tries to smuggle them from China to Korea, all their lives are endangered when they encounter heavy storms and Police.

This is a tense thriller from the creators of The Host that thriller fans will love.


Remember the terryifying move The Ring? The one that gave everyone nightmares for years? Monsterz is another supernatural thriller from J-horror maestro Hideo Nakata.

This is a dark, real world where an unnamed man has the ability to manipulate others with his eyes. After being cast out by his family to live on the street, a chance encounter bring him to Shuichi. The only person who is unaffected by his abilities. What happens? Of course there’s an epic battle as they become instant enemies, but who will survive?


Smuggler is a story about life, Yakuza and cleaning up body parts. When Kinuta’s gambling debt becomes too much, the casino owners make his an offer he can’t refuse. Become a smuggler for the Yakuza.

As he works clean up after the legendary assassin Vertebrae, Kinuta discovers a side of himself he never knew existed.


Fans of Psycho-Pass and Noragami will love Dimension W. Step into the future where our energy problems are solved! All we have to do is go into a new Dimension, set up cross-dimensional coils and voila! A seemingly endless energy source! Assuming we ignore those illegal coils the police can’t deal with.

Enter Kyoma, the coil-hating repo man who is charge of dealing with these illegal coils. He’s likable, strong and independent, and pairs well with his accidental partner robot Mira.

Dimension W doesn’t go too deep into the science of the world, but there is a solid story and adventure to enjoy right from the first episode.


Continuing our Sci-Fi and Fantasy theme in anime this month, Divine Gate. In a world where some people have special abilities like water or fire, it is their duty to reach the Divine Gate in order to save their world.

But when no one knows how the gate was created, or what it does, is it really something we want to reach?


Gangsta is a stylish gritty action series, set in a city full of petty thieves. But even in the darkest cities, there are jobs people won’t touch. Nic and Worick are the ‘Handymen’, who take on the dirtiest jobs no one else will touch.

This is a stylish, gritty action series, based on the popular manga by Kohske.


If you could play a gaming class in real life, what would you pick?  Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions is a world of fantasy and adventure from A-1 Pictures, the studio behind Fairy Tail and Sword Art Online.

When Haruhiro wakes up he has no memory of where he came from, but before he explores the new world of ‘Grimgar’ with the others who awaken with him, he has to pick his guild, class and special abilities.

Grimgar is a beautiful anime that tells a wonderful story behind the classes. Have you ever wondered how a healer feels when a fighter dies?


That’s our wrap-up for digital releases in July – let us know which is your favourite this month and share your best Dragon Ball puns!

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