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Looking For Some Halloween Costume Inspo?

Need some last minute Halloween inspo? Look no further than these eight films to get you in the haunting mood.


THE NEON DEMON is the thrilling and visceral new film by Nicolas Winding Refn, and it just happens to be a feast for the eyes. Re-create Elle Fanning’s gory and beautiful costume with a few simple pieces to add to your wardrobe.

See THE NEON DEMON in cinemas now!

Elle Fanning in "The Neon Demon".

Find this metallic blue number here, pick yourself up some fake blood from Spotlight here, and grab some shiny jewels from here.


Who could forget everyone’s favourite poo-man, Kenny? Sort yourself out with a quick trip to Bunnings, and your local second-hand store to make yourself a memorable costume.

Click here to watch KENNY tonight!


Spruce yourself up with some beige overalls here, grab yourself an industrial plumbing hose from here, and hit up your local Vinnies for the rest!


The what-da-people? The wilderpeople! Good news is you can basically pick yourself up a full HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE costume from your local Rivers store.

Click here to watch HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE tonight!

Grab Ricky and Hec’s fully skuxx hoodie/flannelette combo from here, Uncle Hec’s hectic hat from here, and a backpack from here. Complete your outfit with a rifle from basically any $2 shop.


Channel your inner Anna this Halloween. Unless you just happened to drop a bomb on Chanel, and got the latest DVF from Net-A-Porter, it is unlikely you will have clothes quite to the same calibre in your wardrobe. Don’t fret, as long as you find yourself a pencil skirt, some fierce sunglasses, a blonde wig and her signature bitch resting face you will be set!

Click here to watch THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE tonight!


Grab yourself some oversize sunglasses from here, a blonde bob from here (it might need a bit of a trim), and channel your inner critic from within.


The movie that made us afraid of bunnies is also great Halloween inspiration. Everyone will instantly know who you are, and you can scare children too – double whammy!

Click here to watch DONNIE DARKO tonight!


Scare the shit out of everyone with this Frank mask.


I wish I had an excuse to dress like a dandy vampire every day! Don’t miss this opportunity to strut around in a fancy cravat and velvet vest. This is your time to shine.

Click here to watch WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS tonight!


Either hit up a costume shop like Rose Chong’s here, or raid your great-great-grandfather’s secret trunk in the hidden attic up the stairs. I also found this lame ‘dandy’ costume here (you might end up looking more like a ginger clown than a kick-ass vampire though).


Far less scary than the other Frank in this blog, still nobody will miss you when you walk in a room wearing this Frank head. This one uses a lot more elbow grease than pocket money, but the results are well worth the effort!

Click here to watch FRANK tonight!


Watch how you can make your own Frank head here.


I won’t lie, I basically want to look like Iris Apfel every day of the week, but Halloween is a great excuse to let the fabulous out. Become the queen of New York with a quick trip to your local Vinnies store for some bangin’ second-hand costume jewllery to dress up some existing pieces in your wardrobe!

Click here to watch IRIS tonight!


Iris is also all about the glasses. Grab yourself a statement pair from here.


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