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Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours First Love Live! Official Goods Revealed

Here's a sneak peek of the exclusive goods and Aqours merchandise that will be available at Aqours First Love Live! Concert Screening!

Love Live! Sunshine!! fans! Get ready to cheer on the cast on their very first Love Live! concert at the Live Viewing event in Sydney’s Event Cinemas George Street.

A selection of official Love Live! Sunshine!! Goods will be on sale on day 1 of the event only. Goods will be available to purchase before the start of the concert start time.

On Saturday 25th of February you will be able to start lining up from 4pm in the Event Cinemas foyer.

Goods will be available for sale from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. Inside the VMAX Lounge. Only ticket holders to the Live Viewing event will be allowed to purchase goods.
There will be no further sales post screening.

Please be aware, due to the limited amount of goods available, some restrictions will apply to concert good item purchases. No more than 1 of each item per person can be purchased.

Cash and Card will be available on the day.
Update: A selection of Aqours CD Singles will also be available on the day from $25 each. 

Price List:

01 Penlight $75
02 T-Shirt (Free Size – L) $75
03 Hoodie (Free Size – L) $130
04 Rubber Keyring Set – Azalea $40
05 Rubber Keyring Set – CyaRoN $40
06 Rubber Keyring Set – Guilty Kiss $40
07 Keying with Ribbon (9 designs) $40
08 Tote Bag $25
09 Muffler Towel $40
10 Official Poster (B2) $20
11 Official Concert Pamphlet $60

We will also have a variety of other Love Live! Sunshine!! merchandise available to purchase on the day, so fear not! There are no limits on the purchases of these items.

01 Can Badge Type A (Random) $10 ea
02 Can Badge Type B (Random) $10 ea
03 Character Flag $15 ea
04 Logo T-Shirt $50 (S / Free Size)
05 Koi ni Naritai Aquarium $50 (S / Free Size)
06 School Idols Make You Smile Shirt $50 (S, M, L, XL)
07 Tokyo Idol World T-Shirt $50 (S,M,L,XL)
08 Mogu Mogu Acrylic Keyring $10
09 Muffler Towel $30
10 Heat Sensitive Mug $45
11 Messenger Bag $60
12 Madfest Lighstick $35

© 2016 PROJECT Lovelive! Sunshine!!

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