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Home life can be quite a hassle!

There’s dishes to be done, drapes to be dusted, dinner to be served… housework is serious business! That’s why the well to do in society have had the finest of hired help for all these things and for all the personal assistance they need.

With the recently released BLACK BUTLER we see how a young master seeking revenge for the loss of his parents gets a helping hand from a demonic butler straight from hell – a touch of polite society with vigilante justice.

Demonic or not, a little domestic help can go a long way, but maybe not so easy if you have to be the butler!

So in this competition we want to find out what its like for your favourite anime character to be condemned to indebted servitude as the butler (or chief maid) for another character, especially one from a different world to their own.

How will their skills make life easier, and will the arrangement be a harmonious one? What is it like to be… Butler for a Day?!

Read on for our winners and honorable mentions!


fml_baby2 by robbierich

Somebody’s not happy to be on domestic duty!  Ed Elric has double trouble having to look after a baby – definitely in character as Ed loses his patience and gets fed up with acting as butler – but alchemy seems like an extreme solution!

robbierich wins 1st prize of a $150 Madman store voucher!

Second Place

Butler Bebop for a day by AJchan

Pet pampering is the order of the day as the Cowboy Bebop crew put their best foot forward for the most intelligent hound around.  It’s great that each character has a domestic role to play, though Faye seems quite nonplussed with her part.

AJChan wins 2nd prize of a $100 Madman store voucher!

Third Place

Karate and Cakes by dogaholic

Using an eyecatching, paper cut-out style, is really effective in bringing King Kazuma of Summer Wars to life, juggling a variety of sweets.  He seems less perturbed with having to do that, than getting a hug – he never seemed the cute bunny type.

dogaholic wins 3rd prize of a $75 Madman store voucher!

Fourth Place

I’ll Help You With Your Dishes by Big Unit

Hilarious stuff, its just the kind of scenario you know would be a major punishment for someone like Vegeta, and sure enough, he’s completely cracked, along with a dishful of plates.  Simple but a great expression of domestic frustration!

BigUnit wins 4th prize of a $50 Madman store voucher!

Honorable Mentions

There were again so many good pieces out of the many wonderful entries that we wanted to highlight some more strong pieces. All of these honorable mentions will receive a surprise DVD! This month it’s the well heeled CHROME SHELLED REGIOS COLLECTION 1
Cynical Or Simply Stupid? by Bijoux

The Perfect Butler by Rainy

Care for some yuma? by HA HORROR

Bring Me My Wine, Abel! by Mello

Noo, No…I Clean by Corad

Tea time by xFishyx

puella maidoka by NyaNyasan

Serving God by TobiRuun

Cavalier by zsarke

Washing up by BloodiRose

Thanks to all who entered!

Of course there were many more great entries – all worthy of your time, comments and encouragement so Click here to Check them all out!

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