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Along with last month’s huge release of HALO LEGENDS, which takes the gaming mecha franchise in its Mjolnr Spartan armoured glory into the dynamic realm of anime, we want to know what other gaming characters should get the anime treatment!

Halo Legends, with episodes by great studios like Studio 4°C, Production IG and Bones is definitely a treat, but there are also other great gaming-based anime, like Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, Disgaea and others.

We asked artists to create a piece of concept art, a poster, or key image that shows what their chosen game would look like as an anime, along with their story concept and which studio would bring it to life.

It was an incredibly strong field, so make sure you check them all out.

Read on for our winners and honorable mentions!


Mario vs Bowser by RyRy

One of the most famous characters in gaming gets a darker, more mature aspect with this stunning piece from RyRy.  Bowser looks truly vicious, and to match up, Mario’s firewielding fists look up to the task!  You can really get a sense of the heat and danger here. This would be a spectacular action anime.

RyRy wins 1st prize of a $150 Madman store voucher!

Second Place

Zelda OOT Anime screenshots by mishelly

Not satisfied by a mere concept piece, mishelly has given us a sequence of lush and convincingly cel-like anime screenshots!  Zelda Ocarina of Time is one of the best regarded games, stylishly transferred to anime life by mishelly, complete with subtitles!

mishelly wins 2nd prize of a $100 Madman store voucher!

Third Place

God Of War: Blood Tales by Nine_Tails

One of the most spectacular and unique art styles we’ve seen in the competition, Nine Tails is really taking the moody, gritty and oh-so-serious God of War to to truly new territory, with its bright, clean, flattened colours and makes it more anime than ever by giving Kratos a blue spirit sidekick. One thing remains – buckets of blood!

Nine_Tails wins 3rd prize of a $75 Madman store voucher!

Fourth Place

Road Rash by Corad

What a great concept – Corad has taken rough and tumble racer Road Rash, adding all the right ingredients for his vision of a comedy-based anime series. With no prominent characters in the game, he created his own, complete with personality descriptions, check them out! It looks like it will give Initial D a run for its money!

A great piece, though it should also be mentioned that Corad and Bijoux did a fantastic collaboration this month on a series of Jak and Daxter pieces – here’s one from Corad and one from Bijoux to get you started.

Corad wins 4th prize of a $50 Madman store voucher!

Honorable Mentions

There were again so many good pieces out of the many wonderful entries that we wanted to highlight some more strong pieces. All of these honorable mentions will receive a surprise DVD! This month it’s BLADE OF THE PHANTOM MASTER: SHIN ANGYO ONSHI

Guybrush triumphant by AJchan
AjChan’s painterly cartooning style works well with Monkey Island’s finest, incorporating the key elements. This would be a great comedy anime!

Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney by Itachigo

We don’t have too many legal comedy/dramas in anime, so giving the beloved Pheonix Wright series and his bizarre cases his own series would go over a treat. Great work by Itachi putting together the many characters in this poster image.

Croc by APE

There’s something endearing about the penlined and pencil coloured rendition of Croc here, envisioned as a cute kids animation by APE, it seems to jump off the (lined) page!

Tetris GX by Bijoux

As mentioned above Bijoux did a great job on the Jak and Daxter series, but we got a real chuckle about this creative take on Tetris, giving humorous life to the blocks.

Pong The Animated Series by Big Unit

We were pulling our hair out to decide which was better between this and Big Unit’s Galaga piece, but ultimately, this tickled us that much more, the purity of pong as an animation is very appealing

F.E.A.R, Anime by Channandeller

Fanzone veteran Channandeller returns to scare the socks off us with this cool poster image for FEAR, convincing us it would be a killer anime horror series. Don’t miss his Aliens vs Predator piece either.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day by The_Toonologist

Another returning champ, Toonologist gives us a fantastic set of concepts for Conker as anime characters. Thankfully no poo monster included.

Singstar by Rukaria

In another example of adding character to a game without its own story or characters, Rukaria shows us another side to their art with this subtle and shapely poster!

Soul Calibur: The Animation – Cassandra by Cerys

A sweet Chibi version of fighting favourite Cassandra won us over, with bright, clean colouring and cute stylisation.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope by KazamiN
Another bundle of cute, Kazamin’s art here is a feast with its beautiful line details and crisp colours.

Thanks to all who entered!

Of course there were many more great entries – all worthy of your time, comments and encouragement so Click here to Check them all out!

Keep coming back as we have more great Art comps all the time in the Fanzone!

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