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Madman Goes to The 2016 Met Gala

If you haven't already heard there was a little party this week called The Met Gala. It's kind of the superbowl of fashion events, and celebrities go nutso for it. This year the theme was Manus x Machina, and our resident fashion expert Amanda is going to critique the hell out of the outfits.

So Bad It’s GOOD!

I have been hearing a bit of backlash over Queen Bey’s number here but I really dig it. Thematically it’s on point, it’s just the right amount of whacked out for the Met Ball, and is easily cleaned if she spills any hot sauce from her bag on it!


Maybe I’m a bit biased with AC here but I just love everything she wears, including these heavily sequinned pyjamas.


Is there a pig flying outside the window right now?!! No seriously, I never thought the day would come when Miranda Kerr wore something I liked. Considering how beautiful she is I always find her a little boring but these clashing patterns certainly aren’t! Loves.


I really like this. I think what I’m really digging here is her avant-garde make up! Just the simple white line dissecting her face and body make this whole look a billion times more interesting and Met Gala theme appropriate.


Seriously hell has frozen over! I actually like what Katy Perry is wearing….”DAAAAAAAA FUQ?!! I think it must be the context of the Met Gala that finds me liking the outfits of people that usually stimulate my gag reflex, with their finger of heinousness. Even the “Queen’s Guard” hair is working for me. Nice work KP. Why don’t you now disappear on a high note?


No real human could wear this, but Karlie looks fantastic. Double awesome if you saw the before picture of this outfit with her coat.


This is my pick for favourite pant suit of the night. It is divine. Edie Campbell is rockin’ it with her ‘tude, she just better not reach for a canape too fast!


Oh Ciara! Why do keep doing this to me?!! I freakin’ love this! Old is literally new again. BEST!


I actually really like this on Nicole. There was a bit of 90’s goth going on at this thing (Dakota Fanning & The Sev), and I for one welcome the resurgence of Witchcraft back to the red carpet. Keith has accessorised Nicole’s “magic” theme well by dressing as a magician.


Divine! Of all the giant ball gowns at this thing (Zoe Saldana, Rita Ora) , this was my fave. I usually find Danes a hot mess on the red carpet, so kudos to her! Even Zac Posen behind her is delirious with joy at her success!


Although this vestment is reminiscent of an old theatre curtain, I believe this to be a curtain that has presented all the worlds finest Dames (Melba, Dench, Everage). The colour is exquisite, the cape, divine; the slicked hair, on point. I love this haberdashery.


So Very, Very BAD

God I hate this. I think it’s mainly the shoes I hate, but I also hate the dress. And the dress and the shoes together. But mainly the shoes. They need to go to hell and die. They look so cheap and trashy. But so am I, so I don’t know why I’m so at odds with this?


This just looks dumb.


This is like being stung in the face by a million black wasps….wasps that cost like, 2 grand.


When you start scanning form the top down everything seems like it’s going right for McNotebook here. But south of the border……..holy shit!!  Even the truest of detectives can’t solve the mystery of what the hell is happening with that skirt. It looks like a bad tattoo over a pair of flesh toned support panties.


Under dressed is an understatement here. It’s the MET BALL not a Macca’s run.


I really want to like this, because she’s taking a risk and that’s bada$$, but she’s just reminding me of Wil Wheaton in Mr. Stitch. Did anyone ever see that?


*What a sexy, space soldier! Heinous.


This is Lucky Blue Smith and Pyper America Smith. I’m not sure if these two are brother and sister, or husband and wife, or just cloned from the same DNA sample? Either way, they are a very resourceful pair – she has recycled the tinsel from last year’s Christmas tree and he is re-wearing an outfit from when he was 8. Waste not, want not!

Yuck Yuck

If you need more Met Gala in your life, we also just happen to be releasing a new doco called THE FIRST MONDAY IN MAY, which follows Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour and Costume Institute curator Andrew Bolton, as they orchestrate the year’s most lavish party and The Met’s most attended fashion exhibition in history, ‘China: Through The Looking Glass’.

Check out the trailer below!



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