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Madman National Cosplay Championship 2012 – Adelaide Round Profiles

After 3 months of searching, we’ve finally come to our final qualifying round of the 2012 Madman National Cosplay Championship that will be held on Saturday 28th of July at AVCON in Adelaide. This is sure to be one of our toughest rounds to date as contestants try for the final time to qualify for the finals. Let’s take a look at these brave cosplayers who dare take on that challenge.


Carly Lewis

Carly returns to the Madman National Cosplay Championship year more determined than ever to make an impression. She was one of the finalists in the 2010 finals and surprised a lot of poeple with her excellent skills and also being an all round great ambassador for cosplayers in Australia. We welcome her back into the contest and look forward to seeing what she will pull off!

Midori Emerald

Entering for the first time, Midori will be travelling all the way from Tasmania to compete for a place in the MNCC finals. An experienced cosplayer having started cosplaying in 2007 and has made over 20 costumes. Welcome to the contest Midori.

Nicole “Panda” Strojek

Nicole is entering the contest as a solo entry this year and has many years of experience cosplaying. From her description she’s got something special up her sleeve for this entry into the MNCC. Best of luck!


Fairly new to the cosplay scene, Callum will be cosplaying only for the second time at AVCON. we look forward to see what he can pull off.


James has been cosplaying for a couple of years now. Only his third costume though but it looks like he is very determined to make a mark in the cosplay scene. Best of luck James!


Julia is a new comer to the contest scene but has cosplayed several times previously. She rounds out a big field of competitors who are definitely determined to make their mark in this year’s contest.

The contest will be taking place at 2:30pm on Saturday the 28th of July. You can view the live stream of the event over at AVCON LIVE.

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