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Madman National Cosplay Championship Perth 2012! Profiles

With Sydney behind us now we are looking forward to this weekend in Perth! A small line up of contestants will be taking the stage but we expect them to dazzle you all! Check out their profiles below:


Entrant 1 – Cos-we-can-play

This will be the first time they have entered Madman National Cosplay championships together, and the 2nd time this year that we have cosplayed together.

Entrant 2 – Daniel

Daniel is a seasoned veteran of the MNCC! He’s entered ever since the first year and has always been a keen competitor. You may remember him from his past costumes as Rockman, Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Ventus from Kingdom Hearts. Can he pull off a victory this year?

Entrant 3 – Greta

Finally we have Greta another very keen entrant who has participated in the past. You might remember her past entries such as Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, Princess Ai, and also in the regular contest as Starscream last year. What costume will she be showing us this year?

There’s only one way to find out who the winner is and that’s to be there on Saturday at 12:50pm to find out who wins and heads to Brisbane for the Finals in November!

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