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Madman Now Offering Exclusive Aniplex+ Products In Australia

Get your hot little hands ready for these SUPER exclusive products!!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll now be offering Aniplex+ merchandise — starting with these super limited items from Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Apocrypha, D.Gray-man HALLOW and BLEND-S!

Fate/Grand Order – Mash Kyrielight Kimono Version – Grand New Year 1/7 Scale Figure

“Happy New Year! Senpai!”

From the fan-favorite mobile game Fate/Grand Order, Mash Kimono Version has come to life as an exclusive 1/7 Scale Figure!

Mash Kimono Version has been carefully crafted based on the New Year exclusive Craft Essence “Grand New Year.” Enjoy the elegant designs on her kimono and also her “obi” (kimono belt). This version of everyone’s favorite kouhai shows off amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Fate/Apocrypha – Ruler – La Pucelle 1/7 Scale Figure

From the TV series Fate/Apocrypha comes – Ruler – La Pucelle!

This 1/7 scale figure of Jeanne d’Arc is carefully crafted based on the scene when “La Pucelle” is unleashed during the series. Her beautiful and gentle smile truly shows her sainthood. She carries the Noble Phantasm “La Pucelle” in her hand and her flaming armor represents the burnt flames of her tragic end. This figure of the world’s most renowned saint shows both craftsmanship and attention to detail.

D.Gray-man HALLOW – Yu Kanda 1/8 Scale Figure

The very first D.Gray-man HALLOW figure that Aniplex + brings you is Yu Kanda, the extremely popular character from the TV series.

It demonstrates the true magnificence as the character is shown pulling out “Mugen,” his sword shaped Innocence.

The figure Includes 2 interchangeable facial expression parts. “Mugen”, Yu’s anti-AK UMA weapon, is carefully crafted based on the original design.

When Innocence is activated, the sword shines in emerald green light. In addition, damages on the scabbard is very well reproduced. The Black Order’s uniform is also reproduced with its unique features and details, especially on the long boots that have fine details and rich color to reproduce the taste of long-worn leather. His red and black dice-shaped base really captures the fictional world of D. Gray-man HALLOW.


BLEND-S – Maika Sakuranomiya 1/8 Scale Figure

Introducing the long-awaited figure of Maika Sakuranomiya, the designated Super Sadist at Café Stile from the smash hit show “BLEND-S”!

Created under the thorough supervision of Creator Miyuki Nakayama and A-1 Pictures, Maika is hard at work at Café Stile as she “politely” smiles with a menu in hand. Alongside the superior detailed work of her delicate facial expression, Maika is also set to come with a “sadistic” option, which means she can make her signature sadistic facial expression… Yes, THE face!

Be sure to pick up your own Maika and make your home just a bit more sadistic!
*Mug is not included.

These items are exclusively available from Madman. Pre-order yours now to avoid missing out!

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