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Manga Release changes: Chuang Yi manga no longer available – but VIZ editions to the rescue of VAMPIRE KNIGHT and OURAN HIGH in April

This is one of those bad news/good news stories.  First, the bad news.  For a period of time its become difficult to resupply titles published by our Singapore publisher, Chuang Yi. Gradually, we have learned the Singapore publisher has recently ceased operations.  There hasn’t been an official announcement, so we haven’t been able to make an announcement to let everyone know.

Fortunately, we have been working hard with our US publishing partner, VIZ Media to replace supply with VIZ editions.

We are happy to announce the first of these will be the two hit titles:


Vampire Knight VIZ V01 Ouran High Host Club VIZ V01

These will be available alongside the Chuang Yi releases until the latter run out.
Ask your retailer, and note they will each have new catalogue numbers and ISBN.

Even more good news, there will be an Ouran High Host Club Box Set available in May, and the first of two Vampire Knight box sets in June!

Ouran High Host Club Manga Box SetVampire Knight Manga Box Set 1

These aren’t the only big favourites up for rerelease.  We aim to make sure the best manga remains available.


Stay tuned for more exciting Manga news!


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