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Mirai Has Become the Sixth Japanese Animated Film to Be Nominated at the Oscars

It's time to celebrate anime fans, for the gorgeous Mamoru Hosoda film Mirai is in the running to win an incredibly prestigious award.

Studio Chizu’s anime film Mirai has received a nomination at the Oscars in the Animated Feature Film category and will be competing against Hollywood titles like the Isle of Dogs, Incredibles 2, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. With only a handful of anime films ever receiving nominations, it has always been Studio Ghibli that takes this honour with a total of five. This makes Mirai getting into the shortlist even more of a celebration.

Mirai tells the story of Kun, a spoilt 4-year-old boy. His life is pretty perfect until a new sister arrives on the scene. Now no longer the number one person in his parent’s life, Kun doesn’t know how to cope. While moping in the family garden, Kun meets a peculiar yet familiar prince. He then starts to meet a strange cast of characters, such as a future version of his sister, and young version of his grandfather and encounters the distorted world of his favourite train set. Through these encounters, Kun learns valuable life lessons.

We wish the team at Studio Chizu the best of luck! 

The 91st annual Academy Awards will be held on February 24, 2019.

Feel like celebrating by watching more Mamoru Hosoda films? Check out our list of must-see films below!

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006)

Makoto Konno was just an ordinary girl, until one day she finds she can travel back in time! Using this newfound power, she sets out to make her life perfect. A surprise test in class? Just pop back in time and study those questions. An embarrassing situation? She can just redo the day and avoid it. Hit on the head with a ball? Not a problem! Things seem to be going well for Makoto, until she learns that time travelling won’t solve all her problems… And may actually be causing more problems for those she cares about.

“…a genuine display of passion and an instant classic.” – Anime Insider


Summer Wars (2009)

Kenji, an awkward high-schooler and maths genius, spends most of his life hanging out in the virtual community OZ and has a crush on his schoolmate, Natsuki. Kenji never thought Natsuki would even give him a second glance, so imagine his surprise when she forces him to come along to her great-grandmother’s 90th birthday… and pretend to be her fiancé! Before he even has time to get used to this strange situation and get to know Natsuki’s quirky extended family, an AI called Love Machine goes on the rampage inside OZ, using Kenji’s account! He’ll have to get the help of Natsuki and her family to stop this virtual menace from causing real-life destruction!

“Hosoda is the new king, the best storyteller working within the animated medium in Japan and – quite possibly – the world.” Todd Brown, Twitch Film

Wolf Children (2012)

It’s a typical story of girl meets boy. Except the boy in this case is also a werewolf. Hana and her sometimes fuzzy husband start a family, and life seems perfect… Until her husband is killed while hunting for food. Despite her sorrow, Hana strives on, wishing to raise her children the best she can. Raising kids is hard enough as it is, but it’s even harder when your children are werewolves!

“Mamoru Hosoda’s deeply moving and astoundingly contemplative work touches on the fleeting nature of life” – Robert Bell, Exclaim!

The Boy and the Beast (2015)

Ren is only nine years old when his mother passes away. With his father absent and his relatives not keen on looking after him, he decides to run away. While living on the streets, Ren meets the beast man, Kumatetsu. Following Kumatetsu into an alley, Ren finds himself in the Beast Kingdom, a world of strange and wonderful beings. There, he is taken as a disciple by Kumatetsu and given the name Kyuta. While life isn’t easy for Kyuta and Kumatetsu, their relationship grows stronger. But what happens when Kyuta finds a way back to the human world? What world will Kyuta choose?

“…reminds you that Hosoda’s ‘visionary’ status is well-earned.” –

With amazing directors like Mamoru Hosoda around, we know that we won’t be short on astounding anime films any time soon!


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