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Mixing A Beloved Film With A Great Cause – Come Help Celebrate Carly’s Day.

The Carly Ryan Foundation down in South Australia is hosting an Outdoor Screening of Spirited Away for charity on January 25th, 2019 at 8 pm.

It’s tough to think of a more pleasant way to honour the life of a loved one then to sit down with the community and watch their favourite film under the stars. Particularly when its raising money for a noble cause and their favourite movie is the Studio Ghibli treasure, Spirited Away.

Snuggle in with BYO seating on the Stirling library lawns from 7:30pm, with music and food taking you through to the start of the movie at 8:50pm. You can also expect some Studio Ghibli prizes from us, which can be won through raffles and the best two cosplays costumes of the night!

ENTRY by DONATION via the red carpet.
This is an alcohol-free event.

More information about the night can be found through their event.

Want to know more about The Carly Ryan Foundation?

TW Child abduction, murder and pedophilia

Carly Ryan was 15-years-old when she was murdered by an online predator. It was the first crime of its type in Australia, occurring in 2007 when social media was a new phenomenon and paedophiles were really starting to infiltrate the online space. Determined to help prevent harm to other innocent children and families and to help them navigate their online journey safely, Carly’s mum Sonya incorporated The Carly Ryan Foundation (CRF) in 2010.

Supporting families and the community through education, counselling, engagement, harm prevention, promotion and political advocacy.

The Carly Ryan Foundation’s mission is to make the Internet safer for children and families. The foundation has pioneered efforts to raise public awareness about the dangers of online child abuse, sexual predators, cyberbullying, and other Internet threats. They seek to create solutions that promote shared responsibility between the public, technology and the law, standing for a community where all people are respected and valued; for a child’s innocence to be protected and for a society free from the online sexual exploitation of youth

The CRF is a certified online safety program provider under the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and delivers online safety and healthy relationship seminars to students and parents. The organisation also provides a range of services and support in the areas of internet safety and crime, cyberbullying, connection to resources and counselling and contributing to law and policy reform.

In 2017, ‘Carly’s Law’ was introduced into the Commonwealth Criminal Code after seven years of lobbying by Sonya and CRF supporters. Carly’s Law outlaws any act in preparation to harm a child, including lying about age to a minor online.

In 2018, a stricter version of Carly’s Law passed in South Australia. This version makes it illegal for an adult to lie about their age or identity to a child and then attempt to meet that child. The CRF is lobbying all states and territories to follow South Australia’s lead and introduce Carly’s Law into their criminal code.

The CRF is a member of the Online Safety Consultative Working Group and contributed to the establishment of the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. In January 2018, the organisation was invited to join the new eSafety and Mental Health Steering Group.

Sonya Ryan has been recognised through numerous awards for her vision and leadership. In November 2018, Ms Ryan was awarded the Mother of the Nation award at the Interfaith Alliance for Safer Communities: Child Dignity in the Digital World Forum held in Abu Dhabi. This award was in recognition of her distinguished efforts in supporting mothers and children.
Ms Ryan accepted the award in honour of her daughter’s legacy and was grateful for the opportunity to represent Carly on a world stage.

For further information visit their website

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