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More new shows for Community TV!

Exciting news as we continue our anime on TV expansion with a brand new line up in June.


FULLMETAL ALCHEMI...-13) (BLU-RAY) Screenshot 3

BLACK BUTLER (KUR...N 1 (EPS 1-12) Screenshot 2

Currently confirmed to play in the following cities: BRISBANE, SYDNEY, MELBOURNE and more to be confirmed

Check your local guides for Community stations (Digital Channel 44 in all capital cities) for more details.

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  • Jessica Sizer

    I’d say that this is an EPIC WIN!!!!!!
    …but I live in Canberra. Unless we have been lumped in with Sydney, I will just have to snuggle down with my collections and be content 😀

  • Mystic_ ninja

    It is great to see more anime on tv though to be practical we need 4-5 hours worth of programming a day if not more.. on fta tv…

    sad to say i’ll be sticking to dvd/brd collecting a while longer I detest adverts…

  • Blazemanau


  • Strop

    Please say that the “more to be confirmed” includes Adelaide!

  • MissMeggsie

    These anime are awesome, but… why the dubs? ;w; There’s really nothing wrong with subtitles, y’know~

  • Slykura

    Nothing wrong with dubs either. It’s a mainstream audience when shows are on TV. It helps bring in new audiences much easier this way. Think back to when you first started, it does take a while to get used to reading subtitles.

    Fact of the matter is TV screenings help to bring in more fans so any opportunity is a good one.

  • Deoxy360

    AWESOME. Even though I’ve seen nearly all of FMA: brotherhood.

  • stephumz

    *FANGIRL SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAL* two of my fave shows!! i do love subtitles, but to see these on tv would be A-MAZE-ING! can’t wait! thankyou thankyou thankyou

  • 2greenie

    yay! more anime on tv!!!
    y’know, cause its already pretty rare for anime to be on tv…
    cant wait to watch them all! (again~~)

  • Jaden3

    I sent off an email to C.31 Adelaide asking them to please this time do this. Emailed them on Monday. Had no reply as of today (friday).. No wonder they don’t show these shows, if they can’t answer a simple email.

  • Tsubasa

    This is horrible. Why does Adelaide always miss out? It’s like a gigantic slap in the face to people in SA. >:(

  • Anonymous

    This is a waste of time, the anime community (in aus) has a cool underground feel, once it becomes mainstream some of the coolness will be destroyed by the dumb masses…

  • Dragon00

    I hope my town gets this (PLEASE)

  • Madchild

    I personally won’t get much from these on TV as I have the DVDs 😛

    However it’ll be great to get my friends to watch a few episodes legally :3

  • red thunder

    yay! Adelaide is getting FMA

  • Smegalot

    Cool, when are the confirmations comming out? I would like to see Black butler

  • Alex Roach

    Woohoo! It looks like we will finally get to see some real anime on TV in Adelaide! I had a feeling we would, since I got a very positive response when I emailed Channel 44 about Madman’s offer for airing anime material last month.

  • telstel

    when did it start or when will they start?
    I don’t want to miss it!

  • Rudiger

    I emailed Channel 44 in Adelaide and they said it was going to start airing on Friday 1 July, with repeats every Wednesday.

  • Michelle George

    I wish Black Butler was on where I lived :(
    Well at least I have Vampire Knight to watch on ABC 3. They really need to put more anime on tv these days.

  • Chane

    Does anyone know when these are actually due to begin airing. I’ve been searching the tv guide for my area (melbourne) religiously since June but I have seen no trace of either series in the guide. If it follows along the lines of code grease and vampire knight I am assuming they’ll be aired on one of abc’s channels. But ere is nothing there yet >_<

  • Chane

    Never mind… I found it. It was hidden under the title ‘anime hour’ on channel 44 -_-‘