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One Piece Stampede Finds Gold at the Box Office

Luffy and the Straw Hats blow expectations out of the water with their latest film!

One Piece Stampede, the latest feature film from the One Piece franchise, debuted in Japan earlier this month, and it’s already making waves with rave reviews and strong box office results!

The new movie smashed Japan’s 2019 box office record for the largest first-day attendance, ranking #1 in its opening weekend, and has now earned over 3 billion yen (41.6 million AUD) in just 9 days! These results not only surpass that of One Piece Gold and One Piece Film Z but also make it the fastest Toei distributed film to reach this milestone since 2000.

One Piece Stampede celebrates the 20th anniversary of the anime series, which was inspired by Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga. Oda also served as the creative supervisor for the film and expressed his enthusiasm for the movie in a message that was shared on the manga’s official twitter account.

You can expect to see plenty of cameos and fan-favourite characters in the film, as pirates around the world gather at the Pirate Festival to find a long-lost piece of Gold Roger’s treasure.

You’ll also be able to witness an epic battle against one of the strongest villains in the franchise so far… a battle that requires a major dream team to be pulled together, consisting of both allies and foes!

While no date has been set for a nationwide release yet, One Piece Stampede will be reaching our shores September 15 for the Australian Premiere at Madman Anime Festival Melbourne.

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Source: Anime News Network

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