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Our Anime Heroes For Aussie Wildlife Bushfire Appeal raises $190k!

As the sun sets on summer and the temperature begins to cool, dissolving the smoke haze from our skies, we reflect on what has come to pass over the past few months… and the rehabilitation ahead.

The summer of 2019-2020 was a harsh one for Australians, our homeland, and our unique species of Australian wildlife.

(Photo: Wildlife Victoria)


The widespread bushfires have had a devastating impact to our country, including:

·      Over 3,500 homes destroyed

·      33 people lost their lives, including volunteer firefighters

·      Millions of hectares of land burned

·      An estimated one billion animals have perished nationwide in this year’s bushfire season, with this estimated figure considered a conservative one.

·      Widespread destruction of wildlife habitats

·      Economic impact predicted to run into the billions


We extend our gratitude to the firefighters, volunteers, medical specialists, wildlife carers, blood donors, and all of the monetary donors who have raised funds in various bushfire appeals to support the ongoing recovery efforts for humans, animals, and the environment alike.

(Photo: Wildlife Victoria)


As a homegrown Australian company, we felt compelled to launch the Anime Heroes For Aussie Wildlife Bushfire Appeal, rallying the global anime community to raise funds for Wildlife Victoria.

Together with our global anime family (AnimeLab, Madman Anime Group, Funimation, Aniplex U.S., Wakanim, Aniplex Japan, and Manga UK), as well as Crunchyroll joining our bushfire appeal, collectively we have exceeded our $150,000 target – raising a total of $190,019!


The Madman Entertainment team would like to thank each and every donor for your support. We know that the anime community loves animals as much as we do, and as such, we decided to donate more than our original pledge, as did Crunchyroll. Rest assured that 100% of your donations will go to Wildlife Victoria, assisting wildlife, wildlife shelters and carers affected by the bushfires in Victoria, Australia.

(Photo: Wildlife Victoria)


We would also like to once again extend our gratitude to respected character designer, Shingo Adachi, who redesigned Anime Festival koala mascot, Dropi, in firefighter uniform, especially for our bushfire appeal.

A heartfelt thank you to everybody involved for being an Anime Hero for Aussie Wildlife! x


(Photo: Wildlife Victoria)


About Wildlife Victoria

Wildlife Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation, offering an emergency response service to the community to help with sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife.

Donate or learn more about the remarkable work of Wildlife Victoria at their official website:


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