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Our Top 10 Anime Fathers

Father’s Day may have passed by for this year, but this belated list is here to shed some light on some anime fathers. Some of them may not be great fathers – in fact, some of them are fathers that should never have had kids, but they’ve gone down in anime history nonetheless.

So without further ado, we look at 10 of the most memorable papas!

10. Eren’s dad – Attack on Titan


“Where did I put that key…”

If you were to list a father that selflessly looks after his kid and his community, who is always supportive, kind and patience and who would never use their kid as a guinea for their own personal gain or for suspicious reasons….. you wouldn’t list this guy.

9. Fujitaka Kinimoto – Cardcaptor Sakura


Scoring it big with the ladies since 1996.

Fujitaka (or Mr. Avalon as some of us still remember him as) is a single father and archaeology professor. Despite being busy with work and having to cope with the loss of his wife, he always finds time to look after his kids. He can also sew, cook and never seems to get angry. What a man.

8. Isshin Kurosaki – Bleach


“Help me, Ichigo! Which one should I wear to the ‘Top 10 anime fathers’ award ceremony?!”

At first Isshin seems like a somewhat immature man who likes tackling his son Ichigo and would probably be the type of guy to fart on his face as a joke (you know the sort). However, he’s also an intelligent doctor and his constant fights with his son were actually a way of making Ichigo stronger. He also is secretly a (very powerful) Soul Reaper, which his son would later also become. But that’s a secret.

7. Soichiro Yagami – Death Note


Wait… You’re saying my surname says WHAT backwards?

It’s hard work being a father. It’s even harder being the father of a teenage genius who uses supernatural powers to kill people and you’re assigned to the case and trying to catch him. Despite all that stress, Soichiro does a good job of caring for his family, which ultimately leads to his undoing. Poor guy. One could say his family (and particularly his son) was… the Light of his life.

6. Minato Namikaze – Naruto


“Maybe one day I’ll get a show of my own… Minato: Naruto the Movie……. Damn it.”

Naruto and his dad Minato have a lot in common; dangerously spiky hair, too much confidence and fierce determination. However, Minato was more sensible than his son, at least to a degree. It was this perceptiveness, along with his kind personality, that led to him sacrificing himself to protect Naruto and seal the Nine-Tails away. Now that’s some paternal love.

5. Genma Saotome – Ranma ½


A panda eats shoots and leaves….and then practices martial arts.

The father of the titular Ranma, Genma is a strong martial artist. It’s this passion that gets him and his son in trouble, when they decide to train at a legendary training ground in China. Unfortunately, there are a number of springs there which curse any who dare take a dip in the water. When Ranma falls into the water, he is cursed to turn into a girl when exposed to cold water. Genma, meanwhile, is cursed to turn into a panda. That doesn’t stop him from being a great father, doing stuff like pushing his son into an arranged marriage, causing his son to develop a phobia of cats, ignoring responsibility by pretending to be a harmless little panda and generally acting selfish…

…Wait a minute, that’s not a great father at all!

4. Chiyo-chan’s dad – Azumanga Daioh


You called?

Is it a cat? Is it a costume? Does he even truly exist? This strange creature may be a mystery, but he’s also a good dad. He makes sure his daughter (???) eats healthily and is happy, and seems to care about her friends as well.

3. Gendo Ikari – Neon Genesis Evangelion


“Get in the robot” – Gendo, probably.

The father we all love to hate and hate to love. The legendary man himself. His glasses and pose have influenced popular culture. His catchphrase, “get in the robot, Shinji.”
(He didn’t actually say it like that though)

2. Shou Tucker – Fullmetal Alchemist


Wait… am I seeing a trend here? It’s the glasses, isn’t it.

There are lots of fathers in Fullmetal Alchemist, some good (Hughes), some not so good (Hohenheim). Some are just plain terrible. Tucker is one of those dads. At first he seems like a loving single father who takes great pride in his daughter Nina. Soon enough, however, we learn that he’s been driven mad from stress and that his moral standings are so low that he has no qualms about sacrificing his wife, daughter and dog in order to further his own cause. Thankfully, he receives his just deserts, but not before causing one of the saddest scenes in anime history.

1. Goku – Dragonball Z


Vegeta is just upset that he didn’t make the list.

Our number one father is also the world’s number one fighter! While Goku has a habit of disappearing for months on end/dying instead of looking after his kid, his kindness and strength are an inspiration. Plus, he may be a dad but he still has the heart of a little kid.

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