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PARASYTE PART 2: In Cinemas July 25

Who will survive to spawn in the second blockbuster PARASYTE movie! Coming to Australian cinemas, July 25. Book tickets now!


"Strong action set pieces, good pacing and a kicker of an ending"


It has become all-out war between humanity and the ‘Parasites’ – the tiny creatures who are rapidly taking over the brains of the human populace.

But nothing is black and white in this struggle. Why have the Parasites come to Earth? Are they here to cull our numbers? The planet needs to be preserved, but we also want to protect our loved ones. Amidst this conflict of values, Shinichi and Migi must continue to work together in the escalating fight against the Parasites.

IN CINEMAS ONE DAY ONLY. July 25, 2015. Limited sessions. Book tickets now below!

Find locations and book tickets to PARASYTE PART 2 from the following locations:


Hoyts Melbourne Central


Event George Street


Brisbane City Myer Centre


Hoyts Carousel


Hoyts Tea Tree


Dendy Canberra

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