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Play Ichiban Kuji and Get Anime Merchandise at Supanova Melbourne 2022

Heading to Supanova Melbourne 2022? One stop you simply can’t miss is the Ichiban Kuji stand, brought to you by Madman Anime and Bandai!

What is Ichiban Kuji?

Japan’s #1 favourite prize game, Ichiban Kuji is a super fun way to get merchandise and collectibles from your favourite anime brands including Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball and more.

Simply buy a ticket to the Ichiban Kuji ‘kit’ with your favourite show or brand. Every ticket will get a prize, from kawaii plushies to the rarest of anime merch!

And, if you happen to buy the last ticket, you’ll also score the Last One Prize – an additional one-off item that is often ultra-rare and highly sought-after by collectors!

Share Your Loot With #KujiAUS and Get a Bonus Mascot Pin

Everyone gets a prize with Ichiban Kuji, but you can grab a bonus collectible pin of Ichika Kuji–the official Ichiban Kuji mascot–during the event to add to your loot!

Here’s how:

Join us for our biggest EVER Ichiban Kuji booth at Supanova Melbourne from 5-6 March, where you’ll find new kits each day on the show floor! Seeya there!

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