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Review of Aqua Teen Hunger Force 6, by Carl. In his own words.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force co-creator Dave Willis managed to catch surly neighbour Carl between private internet sessions for his thoughtful review of volume 6!

Heres something that eats me up inside about Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD volume 6. Look at the cover of the thing, you got these Atari looking Aqua Teens. Real cute, right? But guess whos not on there? Where is the Carl, ad wiz? Oh, the art nerd that did this is gonna pay. I mean, did the guy even watch the show before he spent five minutes whipping together a bunch of squares on a computer?

Now, I understand, we cant turn back time. We could, you know, recall all these off the shelves and burn them, and I would enjoy that a lot, but Im a practical man. I say, lets make a sticker to put on there. Its got my face, then under that, my website where you can book me at speaking engagement for a small fee. I think thats reasonable, considering that I am the star of like the first three episodes. Oh, did I mention that? The Aqua Teens are in those episodes for like five seconds. Im there the whole time, busting my ass to make you laugh. In one of those shows, I actually cut my nipples off while Im drunk. All for you! Try that, Criss Angel! Actually, dont do it, man, I had to get donor replacement nipples from the corpse of a female weimaraner. That explains the chocolate brown color. Point is, buy this DVD, and next time youre looking at your dogs nipples in the mirror, think of me.

First published in the February 2010 [adult swim] newsletter – peruse it for more hilarity, and subscribe here

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