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Ricky Baker vs. Ricky Baker

Two Ricky Bakers', two very different characters. Or do they have more in common than we think? We present to you a highly scientific, in-depth comparison between Ricky Baker from the classic film Boyz n the Hood, and Ricky Baker from Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

Difference: Wilder-Ricky is a wannabe gangsta, Boyz-Ricky is actually hangs out with gangstas


Similarity: They have both had brushes with the law


Difference: Boyz-Ricky is a star football player, Wilder-Ricky’s main forms of physical activity are fast-walking and dancing to imaginary music


Similarity: Deep down they are both good eggs


Difference: Boyz-Ricky has a girlfriend named Shanice and a toddler son, Wilder-Ricky has a crush on a girl riding a horse


Similarity: They both like rap music, and Tupac is Wilder-Ricky’s “best friend”


Difference: Wilder-Ricky’s hood is the New Zealand bush, and Boyz-Ricky’s hood is Inglewood, California

Boyz N The Hood, made by John Singleton in 1991, was the story of three friends -- played by(from left) Morris Chestnut, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Ice Cube – growing up in South Central Los Angeles.

Similarity: Boyz-Ricky has a half-brother named Doughboy, Wilder-Ricky is a bit of a doughboy


Difference: Boyz-Ricky dies at the end

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