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Shinichirō Watanabe Developing New Anime Project With Studio Bones

Legendary anime director Shinichirō Watanabe is working with Studio Bones on a new project!

Shinichirō Watanabe, the mastermind director behind Cowboy Bebop, Terror in Resonance and Samurai Champloo, stated during his panel at Madman Anime Festival that he will be working with Studio Bones on a new anime project.

Watanabe mentioned in the panel that the new series will be set in the near future, and that he will be using Melbourne as inspiration for the series setting. He also stated in a Madman interview that ‘…I have always wanted to work on movies. In the future, I hope to work on more (original) movies and explore that side of the it.’

Watanabe was an honoured guest at Madman Anime Festival in Melbourne earlier this month and told staff that he wanted to come to the festival because it was hosted by Madman… and that he hoped everyone there would be mad! He also said that he had an amazing time at the convention and in Australia.

During his panel, Watanabe stated his only image of Australia was from Mad Max, and he was worried about what he would find when he arrived.


He was also seen hanging out at the MadFest exclusive Cowboy Bebop exhibition in between his panels and greeting fans.


We can’t wait to see what Watanabe will bring to his fans in the future!

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