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The Boy and the Beast – Extra Screening Locations Announced!

If you missed it the first time, or want another helping, now is your chance to experience the magic and wonder of The Boy and The Beast!

Mamoru Hosoda’s latest film is a stunning return to form and is now screening in cinemas in Australia and New Zealand for a limited time!

The award winning director is known for his touching stories that combine whimsy with realism. The Boy and The Beast continues this trend, and has already scored an award for Animation of the Year at the Japan Academy Prize Association, and has been nominated for Theatrical Animation of the Year at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival!

You’ll be able to watch this spectacular movie in the English dub (which was developed closely with Hosoda himself) or the original Japanese version (with English subtitles) at select cinemas.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.04.19 pm

Extra cinema screenings start Thursday, March 10th.



Cinema Nova Japanese language and English language.

Hoyts Melbourne Central – English language (Sunday, March 13 only).


Sydney Event George St – Japanese language

Hoyts Blacktown – English language


Event Myer – English language

Event Chermside – English language

Event Garden City – English language


Luna Leederville – Japanese language

Hoyts Carousel  – English language


Event Marion – English language


Academy Cinema – English language and Japanese language

Event Cinemas Queen St – English language

Hoyts Wairau Park – English language

Hoyts Sylvia Park – English language

State Cinemas Nelson – English language and Japanese language


Visit the website for more details!

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