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The Cutest Creatures Ever Seen in Anime!

PENGUIN HIGHWAY waddles into cinemas November 18, and these adorable little penguins are ready to steal your hearts!

To celebrate the release of the film and the cute penguins in it, we’re naming some of the other special little creatures that have managed to crawl their way into our hearts and minds. In no particular order, let the cuteness commence!

KYUBEY – Puella Magi Madoka Magica

On the outside, it may seem like Kyubey is just another cute little cat, but it is actually an emotionless magical creature, who makes contracts with young girls to turn them into ‘magical girls’. However Kyubey isn’t evil, it is calculative to achieve a goal – preserve the universe.

Despite this, this cute little guy still loves the small things in life, such as a nice hot bath and some tasty human food.


Luna and Artemis, the black and white guardians of the scouts, are a package deal.

These furry companions are the reason Sailor Moon and the team succeed as often as they do. They guide the way and offer support, guidance, and most of all friendship.

HAPPY – Fairy Tail

We may be going from a cat to a cat-like creature, but with a name like Happy, can you blame us?

Happy is a breed of the species called Exceed, which look like cats but with cute little wings! The very witty and cheeky Happy is a loyal member to his team and loves fish more than anything else. The combination of his happy-go-lucky attitude and the fact that he’s always good for a laugh makes him very lovable. Aye!

AKAMARU –  Naruto

It’s raining cats… and DOGS! And if they’re anything like Akamaru, we wouldn’t mind that at all!

The very active and loyal Akamaru, the ninja-hound companion to Kiba, proved that dogs really are man’s best friend. Akamaru and Kiba have been together ever since they met, with Akamaru running to Kiba whenever he’s hurt in battle. That’s the kind of companion that everyone wishes they had!


Our favorite reindeer has to be Tony Tony Chopper! (don’t tell Rudolf)

The toddler-sized human/reindeer hybrid is a loyal member of the Straw Hat Pirates crew and is the youngest member on board. His cuteness is only added to by his naivety and timidness. Chopper is a real sweetheart… that is, he loves his sweets, specifically cotton candy.


The precious rookie Digimon, Terriermon is probably one of the cutest Digimon out there. As the name suggests, he gets his name and appearance from a Terrier – which screams cuteness. Calm by nature, this adorable might not seem like a fighter but is actually quite strong in battle. Terriermon has an equally adorable brother, Lopmon.

TOTORO – My Neighbour Totoro

While Totoro might not be an animal we’re familiar with, he’s still on the list because he’s an adorable creature and an iconic one at that.

As a forest spirit, Totoro bares striking similarities to an owl, but a case can be made he is also inspired from cats and tanukis. When you combine those creatures with whatever else he’s been inspired from you get a friend that’s nothing short of adorable!

What other anime creatures have taken your breath away?

One thing’s for sure, the Penguin Highway Penguins are going to steal a lot of hearts across Australia when they arrive on November 8!



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