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The Venture Bros. Dramatis Personæ.

[adult swim]’s VENTURE BROS. series features many things: hilarity, danger, edginess, nice art and animation, drugs, robots, ‘splosions, sexy… some of these things more than others. But one thing it certainly features are enough characters to fill an encyclopedia (most of whom… in-joke warning… appear together on Dr. Venture’s front yard in S01, E10 – ‘Tag Sale, You’re It!“).


To celebrate the release of Season 5 on DVD, here is a list of all the major ones we could remember. We hope it helps (but probably won’t).


HEROES (sort of)


Hank & Dean Venture

Oh, what a couple of nerds. Loosely (well, to be fair, mostly) based on the adventuring dorks of 1950s cartoons, Hank and Dean are the sons of Dr. Venture. Duh.



Dr. Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture

Manic, intelligent (?) and mostly unhinged, Dr. Venture is unlikely to win any Father of the Year awards.



Brock Samson

Voiced by possibly the manliest voice in the biz, Patrick Warburton, Brock is the brutish bodyguard who guards over Family di Venture with the power of many muscles and 80s hair.




Every quirky adventurer needs a helper robot, right? H.E.L.P.e.R. sure takes a lot of hits for the team but his usefulness can’t be denied. Probably.



Plus more:

Doctor Byron Orpheus

Triana Orpheus

Dr. Jonas Venture

Sargent Hatred

Pete White

Willaim Whalen a.k.a. Master Billy Quizboy

Jefferson Twilight

The Alchemist

Office of Secret Intelligence (OFI)


VILLAINS (maybe)


The Monarch

The Venture family’s nemesis, The Monarch is half-dude, half-Monarch butterfly, mostly-freaking nuts.



Dr. Girlfriend

Well, formerly known as Dr. Girlfriend and now known as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. Possibly the hottest animated woman we’ve ever seen, with the most terrifying vocal chords.



Henchman 21/Gary and Henchman 24

These guys are technically 2 people, but rarely (ever?) seen apart. They are self-proclaimed as resembling Kevin Smith and Jerry Seinfeld with a unibrow, respectively.



Plus more:

The Guild of Calamitous Intent (one of many such guilds)

Tim-Tom & Kevin

Phantom Limb

Baron Werner Ünderbheit


…. and more, more, more! Like, about 50 more. Seriously. In fact, we’re pretty lazy, so here’s a pretty list wot our mates at [adult swim] done here.

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