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Top 9 Spooky Halloween Episodes

Halloween isn’t a big deal in Japan, but that doesn’t stop there from being plenty of Halloween themed episodes! And with the rise of Western influences in Japan, I’m sure next year the list will be even bigger. Without further ado, let’s get spooky and take a peek at our list!

9. Oreimo – Episode 6


I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry!

When Manami’s family decide to hold a Halloween fair and sell treats, Kyousuke gets pulled into taste-test duty. Cue the cute Halloween theme treats, awkward romantic tension and weird family hijinks. It’s certainly a Halloween Kyousuke would never forget!

8. Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven’s Door


Muwahahaha… They may think we’re innocent balloons, but soon they shall feel the wrath of the pumpkins…

While the Cowboy Bebop movie may not be particularly Halloween focused, a large part of its story happen on Halloween. A Halloween parade is turned deadly when it’s targeted by an insane ex-soldier. Naturally, there are plenty of pumpkins around, with the festivity contrasting the life-or-death mission Spike and his team must take on.

7. Soul Eater Not! – Episode 09


Drink up, little pumpkins, for soon the only thing you will consume are the tears of mankind.

The world of Soul Eater is pretty Halloweeny, with pumpkins, ghouls, witches and a general Halloween style filling up each scene. However, Soul Eater Not! fully grabs on to that vibe and properly gets into the Halloween spirit in episode 9. Tsugumi, Meme and Anya have to grow pumpkins as Halloween draws near, and decide singing to them might help.

Halloween is also an important date for the story, as it is when Tsugumi must finally decide on which girl to pick as her partner!

6. Hetalia: The Beautiful World – Episode 12


Ah, yes, Halloween. That’s the day the pumpkins come to life, right?

America’s going to have a Halloween party and no one can stop him! America plans to scare the pants off England, but England has a (magical) scheme up his sleeve. Can Japan help America win the day? A mixture of American, British and Japanese horror collide for a Halloween spectacular.

5. One Piece Thriller Bark Arc – Episodes 337-381

one piece

The “Thriller” re-enactment club welcome a new member.

One Piece ups the ante by having not just a Halloween episode but a whole arc that’s full of ghoulish fun. On the ship Thriller Bark (which may as well be an island) there live(?) plenty of zombies, mutants and general weird and wacky creatures. Heck, the zombies even do a whole song & dance number called “Zombie Night”, complete with a disco ball and Michael Jackson dance moves.

4. Ouran High School Host Club – Episode 21


Note to self: Throw pumpkin pies next year, not whole pumpkins.

It’s Halloween and Haruhi and the twins go on a test of a courage with their class. When they return Haruhi finds herself facing a real live urban legend(?)! And, of course, the Host Club naturally get in on the action, dressing up as beautiful vampires.

3. Blood: the Last Vampire


Come with me. I know the houses that give out the best sweets.

A perfect movie for Halloween! Not only is a blood filled horror movie, but its set around Halloween. An action packed, gothic treat that follows the trend of “bad stuff happens on Halloween”.

2. The Melancholy of Haruhi-Chan – ep 13


The God of Halloween… He cometh!!

Haruhi wants to celebrate Halloween, but no one in the SOS club really knows anything about the holiday. Deciding simply to wing it, they end up with a costumed anatomy model that’s probably more terrifying than any Halloween movie one could watch.

1. Bleach – Episode 304


A pumpkin AND a ghost? Truly, a terrifying combination.

In a bizarre series of events Rukia – dressed as a tiny succubus – drags Ichigo to a castle. There he finds his friends all in Halloween costume (For example, Hitsugaya as a wolf, Orihime as a pumpkin… ghost). What follows is a strange mixture of action, comedy and weirdness with a surprising end. It’s hard to properly explain what happens in this episode, but the costumes are worth seeing!


Have a good Halloween this year, everyone, and remember, it’s the one night you can go cosplaying to your heart’s desire without getting weird stares!

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