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Tour of the Exclusive Gundam Hotel Suite in Japan!

For the serious Gundam fan, it doesn’t get any better than an enormous hotel suite completely decked out in Gundam style!

Japan is the home of anime, and arguably the home of themed hotel rooms. It’s no surprise, then, that if there’s one place you’ll be able to combine the two in style, it’s going to be Tokyo. The Gundam themed hotel rooms and exclusive deluxe Gundam twin suite – known as Project Room-G – are found at Hotel Grand Pacific Le Daiba on the island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay. Why the Gundam themed rooms? It’s a collaboration between the hotel, and the awesome Gundam Front Tokyo!

The Gundam hotel rooms opened a while ago, but until now, few people had stayed there and reported back on what the rooms and suites are really like. Now, Appetite for Japan brings us photos, videos and a heap of info after staying overnight in the exclusive deluxe Gundam suite.


The Gundam suite is made up of two huge rooms – so large that you can enter the suite by one of two doors – with each room representing a different Gundam theme. The bedroom is decorated in Zeon theme, while the lounge area is Earth Federation themed.


Each guest receives a number of exclusive Gundam themed souvenirs to take home. These include towels, coasters and even Grand Pacific Le Daiba X Gundam Front Tokyo carry bags to bring the merchandise home in. Bathroom amenities are packaged according to the theme, with both Zeon and Earth Federation colours and logos.


As you might expect from a deluxe suite, the bathroom is very large and features a separate bath and shower.  Even the bathrooms are decorated appropriately, with quotes from dialogue between Char and Amuro on the glass walls of the shower, and the toilets have Char (in the Zeon bathroom) and Amuro (in the Earth Federation guest toilet) decals on the lid.


It may be a five-star hotel, and they may be pretty serious when it comes to Gundam, but the suite is not without an element of fun. That’s right, there’s a life-size RX-78-2 cockpit in the corner of the lounge room! You can sit in it, scan the suite through the heads-up display target scope, switch the dashboard lights on and even fire it up to enjoy the sound effects.


You can’t see it from the suite, but the world’s only life-size Mobile Suit Gundam is less than five minutes’ walk from the hotel. Not only that, but tickets to Gundam Front Tokyo are included with your stay, so once you’ve visited the enormous Gundam and sipped on a Gundam drink at the Gundam Café, you’re all set to explore Gundam Front.


At five-star prices (it is, after all, a five-star hotel), this is probably not for the casual fan.  For the serious Gundam fans out there, though, it doesn’t get any better than an enormous hotel suite completely decked out in Gundam style.

To find out more about staying in the Gundam hotel suite, exploring Gundam Front along with other exciting adventures in Tokyo, head over to – and to see the full tour of the suite, check out the video below:

Would you like to stay in one of these Gundam themed hotel rooms? Let us know in the comments below!

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Source: Appetite For Japan

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