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Usopp and Luffy Set Sail to Virtual Youtuber Fame

Virtual Youtubers are taking the world by storm right now, so it's no surprise a few anime character's are getting in on the action.

You may have heard of virtual Youtubers such as Kizuna Ai, a cute anime girl who plays video games. Since her rise in popularity, more and more virtual Youtubers have been popping up. The newest additions to the fad are none other than Luffy and Usopp from One Piece!

The voice actors of Luffy and Usopp, Mayumi Tanaka and  Kappei Yamaguchi, got together to celebrate One Piece Day by recording a special video. With the use of motion capture devices, the actors movements bring models of the Straw Hats to life.

As their characters, the two dance to the One Piece theme song, We Are, try to guess which character the other is impersonating, learn how difficult it is to pull of Luffy’s poses and attacks, act out some cool scenes and just muck about in general!

Luffy… he’s dead!


Dang, Luffy has all the moves.


Even his voice actor is made of rubber!

Take a look at the video below! Even if you can’t understand Japanese, it’s lots of fun seeing the voice actors mess around!

What anime character do you want to see become a Virtual Youtuber?


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