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The deliciously gothic and cool Vampire Knight is making it to TV! Kids network ABC3 will be screening the best vampire tale of recent times (take that Twilight!) with romance for girls and action for boys this April! Stay tuned for more info as it comes to hand!

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  • Rebelion101

    If this is true I hope they won’t be massively editing it, Scratch that, i know they’ll edit it :/

  • Star1654

    They definatly edit this its already a M rated show… ABC 3 is PG and under … Oh Well Still Will Watch it!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t assume it will be edited as the rating regimes for home video (DVD) and TV are different. It’s definitely not a strong M (Supernatural themes, violence)

  • undead333

    It will defiantly be edited. Especially with the themes and the machoistic/sadistic parts with kaname and zero. It was screened at 1am in the morning in japan, i can hardly believe that it is going to be played on a kids network here..

  • Tari

    If they edit it to much i will kill them!! and i mean it, i love my Vampier Knight. Zero is my fav.

  • uchiha101

    They will edit it. Naruto used to be on a kids show in the morning and they editied all the blood out.

  • adriana

    Will it Season 1 Vampire Knights or Season 2 Vampire Knight Guilty! when and what time???
    What a school by Day girls and boys roam By Night Vampires go to school! but if blood is spild! i belive Season 3 is coming some time in 2014 i think?.

  • Bigbangsessed

    I’m not sure if they’ll edit it or not.Is it really rated ‘M’?But surely,as kids they like….wait.they MIGHT edit it causing me to get pissed hardcore.If the english voices sound crap my wish would be ruined.

  • Bigbangsessed

    @adriana that’s just a shit rumour.It’s not gonna happen.Only the fans got carried away and made up a rumour of that.

  • cataclysm0advanced

    I’m a dedicated fan of the manga – I love Vampire Knight!! I haven’t seen the anime yet so I can’t judge which is better. I just hope that if it is put on ABC3 that people will appreciate it for the awesome story that it is – and will hopefully check out the manga too! About the whole editing part, like I said I haven’t seen the anime, but the manga had no shortage of blood-drenched vampires! So it should be interesting to see how it all pans out…

  • Tsubasa

    Eh It’ll probably be on just before ABC3 ends for the night most likely. I dont see why they should edit it much, the kiddies should be off to bed. After all they had stuff like The Tribe on and that stuff had alot of older type deals on it. Never seen Vampire Night myself but ill be watching it when its on ABC3 to see what all the fuss it about.

  • Berzerk!

    Word is guys, it will be on each weeknight at 8pm. No edits. We’ll post the news with the exact dates very shortly.

  • alice cao

    it starts next monday (26/3/11)
    and its at 8pm on abc3 obviously.
    It’ll be shown Monday to Friday. YESS!
    dont believe me ?
    check this out