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Voice Actress of Shinji Ikari Launches Crowdfunding Project to Produce Anime Song Cover Album

Voice Actress, Megumi Ogata launches an international crowdfunding project!

In celebration of her 25th anniversary since she debuted as a Voice Actress, Megumi Ogata has launched an international crowdfunding project to support the production and release of  her anime song cover album, “Animeg. 25th”.

The album will feature selections from titles Megumi Ogata performed in and also other relevant tracks. Ogata debuted as a voice actress in the role of Kurama in Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files. She has also voiced various characters in series such as Sailor Moon (as Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus), Cardcaptor Sakura (as Yukito Tsukishiro), Neon Genesis Evangelion (as Shinji Ikari), and much more.

The Japanese crowdfunding project launched first on May 12 through CAMPFIRE reached its target of ten million yen (approximately $90,000 USD) in just 90 minutes. The Japanese crowdfunding project is currently on its fourth day and has raised approximately twenty million yen.

Megumi Ogata said that “I want to deliver a product with ‘Japanese quality’ to all the fans around the world who have supported me throughout the years…there has to be a way around the current barriers of distribution”.

Ogata states that she intends on raising awareness about the conditions in the Japanese entertainment industry and also working to encourage fans of Japanese anime, games, as well as voice actors and actresses to choose genuine content, such as those provided through paid services to access anime overseas.


There are various levels of rewards for contributing to the project that include copies of the CD, a printed thankyou message, an original T-shirt and even an Alarm clock featuring a recording of Megumi Ogata calling your name!

Who else would want Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon), Yukito (CCS) or Shinji (Evangelion) calling your name as your alarm goes off? I KNOW I WOULD!

For more information or to support the project see the official Page here!


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Source: Megumi Ogata 25th Seiyuu Debut Anniversary Project

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