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We Hope You Have a Ball This Christmas

Balls. Testicles. Bollocks. Nuts. Goolies. The family jewels. No matter how you dress them up, the two little guys that sit beside your long dangly thing have always been ugly - UNTIL NOW!

What better way to make Christmas more merry than to decorate your own balls? And by balls, yes, we mean your gonads. You carry them around with you all year round, so why shouldn’t they share in a little bit of holiday cheer? Get hands on, slap some glitter on your acorns and give your boys the attention they deserve.

Whether you display them proudly, or giggle at the dinner table at the secret in your pants, this is one inspirational arts and crafts project that will definitely break up the soul-crushing monotony of Christmas day.

These naughty baubles from Bauballs are pretty awesome inspiration for your plums, so go on, treat yo’ self.


1. The Santa Sack

What could be more appropriate for Christmas than Old Saint Nick’s Santa sack? You might even find a surprise inside!


2. Santa’s Little Helper

Let’s face it, your yams are the Robin to your peen’s Batman, so why not acknowledge it by dressing them up as his little helpers?


3. Frosty The Snowman

Baby it looks cold outside, but your knackers won’t want to shrink inside you like George Costanza in a luke-warm pool with this baby.


4. If you Ever Saw it, you Would Even Say it Glows

It is summer in Australia, so on second thought this one might not be the best idea. Your Rudolphs’ are going to sweat in this getup.


5. You Got A Present in your Pants?

Dazzle the people you love (or want to impress) with the special Christmas presents under your tree. And by presents, I mean your balls.


6. Blue Balls

Your balls will literally be blue. Hilarious in an ‘It’s Summer so I am going to be an ironic hipster’ kind of way.


7. One Juicy Turkey

This takes the turkey slap to a whole different level. Jingle all the way.

If you’re a fan of Christmas balls (and love a turkey slap), Willie Soke will take you for a ride on his sleigh in BAD SANTA 2 in cinemas now.


BAD SANTA 2 in cinemas NOW

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