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Weathering With You Will Blow You Away

“This is the story of the world's secret that only she and I know."

Makoto Shinkai’s latest film Weathering with You is exceptionally beautiful in detail, capturing breathtaking scenery from modern Tokyo. With the sounds of soothing rain, the film will send you into a trance of tranquillity, a fictional adventure that you have to experience to fully appreciate. We adored Weathering with You so much that we decided to highlight some of its most significant features which are sure to electrify you!

Encounter hyper-realistic scenery with climate change themes

Visually astonishing, the film’s hyperrealism and photorealistic scenery will dazzle you. Splashes of light and colour break-through the never-ending torrential rain, the intriguing antagonist that threatens to submerge the city. Yet, throughout all these aesthetically pleasing scenes you are sure to walk away from this film discussing the harsher realities of climate change.

It seems almost obvious that Director Shinkai wanted to create some kind of awareness surrounding the effects of climate change. Weathering with You almost acts as a reflection on Tokyo’s wet and wild weather. Which recently has coincidently broken historical records for the first time in 129 years. The film definitely does not shy away from depicting both sides of mother nature.

Experience life-like Tokyo with a dash of young love

Makoto Shinkai’s latest film takes audiences on a flight through a realistic modern Tokyo, where a tale of impossible young love is stretched across multiple dimensions. Although the film has elements of fantasy, if you have never visited Tokyo, Japan before, this film will give you a pretty accurate adaptation of what the city really looks and feels like.

For those who have walked the streets of Tokyo, the different locations within the film are sure to evoke feelings of nostalgia through life-like visuals. With the power to manipulate the weather, this coming-of-age, slice-of-life film will truly warm your heart, while inspiring you to believe.

Learn about the ghost-like charms and mystical creatures of Japanese mythology

From rain soaked hospital windows to umbrellas embellished with little doll-like charms, the ghost-like figures can be spotted throughout several scenes within the film. Although they are cute, the teru teru bōzu charms have a deeper meaning within Japanese culture.

Believed to help stop the rain and bring forth the sunshine, they are usually crafted by children with tissue paper. There are also many references throughout the film to the mythical creatures that live beyond the clouds, who also have influence over the weather.

You’ll feel like you’re flying

Weathering with You features many free-falling scenes through the clouds, making you feel like you are skydiving over the crowded concrete jungle that is Tokyo city. From striking sunlit scenes to dark and murky rain; the film’s central metaphor of climate change is brilliantly suited to its stunning visual effects.

Explore a familiar world

Some of the scenes are reminiscent of Whisper of the Heart and Spirited Away from Studio Ghibli, where fantastic creatures inhabit a human world, and everyday food is presented in a manner which will leave you salivating.

Despite all the gloomy rain within Weathering With You, the sunny heart of the film will send you into a whirlwind of emotions as exciting events unfurl.

Weathering With You is in cinemas and select IMAX screens from August 22.

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