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What Is Ichiban Kuji and Where Can You Play?

No Cons? No Travel? No worries! Find out how and where you can play Ichiban Kuji locally!

Ichiban Kuji is a massively popular prize game from Japan where everyone is a winner!

Each Kuji set will focus on a popular Anime series and host a range of limited run merchandise that are linked to the tickets you draw. These items will often only be available from each unique Kuji set.

Will you get the coveted A-Grade prize, the very rare “Last One Prize” a unique one of its kind prize for getting the last ticket, or something else? There is only one way to find out!

Joining in on Ichiban Kuji is super easy all you need to do is:

      1. Ask your local store what sets they have and select which one you would like to play
      2. Buy a Ticket (or multiple!) and Draw it
      3. Peel off the Back
      4. Check what you have won
      5. Receive your prize!


Where you can play Ichiban Kuji Locally!


Critical Hit

Limit Break Collectables

New South Wales

Anime Kaika


Anime at Abbotsford


Zombster – In Store Only

South Australia

Shin Tokyo – In Store Only

Western Australia

Shumi Shop

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