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Your First Look at MIFF 2018

Hold on to your hats, people. The 67th annual Melbourne International Film Festival is back, and we have a sneak peek of some of the films playing this year!


MIFF is back this August, and we have your first glance at some of the amazing films in the line up this year.

Get yourself a festival pass, and crack out your warm winter coat (seriously, I always forget how cold it is waiting in line at the Comedy Theatre), because this year’s festival is going to be gooooooooooooood.


MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A. is drawn from a cache of personal tapes shot by Maya Arulpragasm and her closest friends over the last 22 years, capturing her remarkable journey from immigrant teenager in London, to the international popstar M.I.A.

Inspired by her roots, M.I.A. created a mashup, cut-and-paste identity that pulled from every corner of her journey; a sonic sketchbook that blended Tamil politics, Art school punk, hip-hop beats and the voice of multicultural youth.

Never compromising, Maya kept her camera rolling through her battles with the music industry and mainstream media as her success and fame grew and she rose to become one of the most provocative and divisive artists working in music today.


From The Beatles, to the Backstreet Boys and One Direction, I USED TO BE NORMAL: A BOYBAND FANGIRL STORY will take you back to the fun, fantasy and feelings of your teenage years.

Filmed over four years, and spanning three generations, this intimate coming of age story follows a diverse group of women who have had their lives dramatically changed by their boyband obsessions. These four women must navigate the challenges of relationships, family, sexuality, and faith, while constantly grappling with all the problems and contradictions that are part of being in love with a boyband.


Mirroring the savage beauty, maverick originality and vivacity of his design, MCQUEEN is an intimate revelation of Alexander McQueen’s own personal and professional world, both tortured and inspired. It is a film which celebrates a radical and mesmerising genius of profound influence and shows his rags-to-riches story as a modern-day fairy tale laced with the gothic.

The transformative impact of his personality and his work is captured in never-before-seen home movies, audio tapes and “behind-the-scenes” footage shot throughout his career. This material is stitched together with deeply personal interviews from close family, friends and collaborators and cinematic original material that takes us on a journey into McQueen’s mind. His fears, dreams, obsessions, desires and nightmares are on screen for the audience to re-live along with the most memorable and iconic moments in his shows. The film allows us to search deeply into what made the man a unique artist of his times, as well as helping us to understand the mystery of why, at the height of his acclaim and power, he shockingly made the decision to end to it all.


TRANSIT is based on the eponymous novel by Anna Seghers, which was written in 1942 in Marseille.

Making use of the breathtaking, almost uncanny parallels between historical fact and present-day Marseille, Christian Petzold tells the story of a great, nearly impossible love amid escape, exile and a longing for a place one can call home.

See the full sneak peek for #MIFF2018 here. Full program announced July 10

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Source: Melbourne International Film Festival 2018

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