The Impact Campaign

Campaign Overview

Ghosthunter brings to light the devastating impact and often ongoing complex issues associated with unresolved childhood trauma including mental health issues, homelessness, substance addiction, and family violence. The film is a powerful case study for professionals working in the sector who want to provide trauma-informed training, educate university students, and inform the general public.

Working closely with our core campaign partners, we will use the film as a key tool to raise awareness, build capacity for services, and provide trauma-informed training across the entire sector.

Campaign Vision

Ensure all Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma are able to access the support they need.


Campaign Goal

To build the community’s capacity to provide trauma informed support for Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma.

Campaign Objectives

We will use the film and accompanying materials to:

1. Provide trauma informed training for professionals who support adult survivors including individuals, organisations and government departments, across all facets of the sector including medical, legal, housing, relationships and family support, social work, police, corrections and substance addiction services.

2. Encourage government, companies and philanthropists to help build capacity in the sector through funding of services for Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma to ensure equal access regardless of geography, socio-economic status, gender, and background.

3. Create awareness for the general public of the physical, emotional and economic impacts of childhood trauma. Create empathy, de-stigmatise the issue and foster support for people with childhood trauma. Use learnings to inform the development of prevention approaches to child abuse and neglect.

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