Guns Akimbo

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Madman Entertainment
Title Treatment

“Like having someone toss a bucket of cocaine and bullets in your face”

Birth. Movies. Death.

“Samara Weaving owns her badass, gun-wielding image”

Crooked Marquee

“A whole lot of fun to watch”


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A nerdy video game developer becomes the next contestant in an illegal live-streamed death match, in this hilariously dark sci-fi thriller.

Miles (Daniel Radcliffe) is stuck in a dead-end job, still in love with his ex-girlfriend Nova. Unbeknownst to him, a gang called Skizm is running a deadly competition within his city in which complete strangers fight to the death for the entertainment of an online audience of millions. Miles soon finds himself caught up in the game and forced to fight in a battle to the death. Initially, Miles' lifetime of running from his problems pays off as he manages to elude his first opponent but when Nova is kidnapped, he must finally stop running and overcome his fears to fight for the girl he loves.

Rating: MA

Strong violence, crude humour, drug use and coarse language | Runtime: 97mins

Guns Akimbo - Poster
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