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This Beautiful Fantastic

"With spring imminent, backyard putterers are turning their thoughts to the garden, which makes THIS BEAUTIFUL FANTASTIC, a charming tale about one, all that much sweeter."
Neil Genzlinger, THE NEW YORK TIMES
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Life blooms in enchanting ways

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Director: Simon Aboud
Year: 2016
Runtime: 89 mins
Genre: Comedy Drama

This Beautiful Fantastic is a contemporary fairy tale revolving around the most unlikely of friendships between a reclusive, agoraphobic young woman with dreams of being a children’s book author and a curmudgeonly old widower, set against the backdrop of a beautiful garden in the heart of London. Bella Brown is a beautifully quirky young woman who dreams of writing and illustrating a successful children’s book. Despite her abandonment as a child, the all consuming OCD, the unfulfilled dream, her awful boss at the library and her paralyzing fear of flora and fauna, Bella is down but not out. She has a spark, an edge, a talent and a voice that we can feel from the get go. This girl has a preternatural survival instinct, having been found in the middle of winter in the middle of Hyde Park as a babe. When Bella is forced by her landlord to deal with her neglected garden or face eviction, she meets her nemesis, match and mentor in Alfie Stephenson, a cantankerous, loveless, rich old man who lives next door and is an amazing horticulturalist.

Special Features
  • Interviews with Writer/Director and Cast

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