Sione’s Wedding 1 & 2

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Sione Is Getting Married

Sione’s Wedding
Sione is getting married. But there’s a problem, well actually, there are four problems – Sione’s brother Michael and his three best mates Albert, Stanley and Sefa; the ladies’ man, the good boy, the weird one and the party boy. They’re 30-something, but they still act as if they’re 16. They get drunk, they chase the wrong women and they have a remarkable record of causing chaos at every wedding they attend. But when Sione bans the boys from his wedding, they know something has to change. The boys have one last chance; find girlfriends to take to the wedding or be left out in the cold. Their lives are about to get turned upside down. How hard can it be finding a girl in the world’s biggest Polynesian city when you’re young, gifted and brown?

Sione’s Wedding 2
Five years ago our heroes the Duckrockers thought they had figured it all out – they had found themselves girlfriends to take to Sione’s wedding and the future was looking bright. Fast-forward five years and things haven’t quite gone as the boys might have planned – growing up appears to be driving the Duckrockers apart. But when they’re confronted with one of life’s unexpected turns and Bolo goes missing, their Minister once again brings them together and sends them on a quest. Their mission: to find Bolo. So where do you start when you are looking for one Samoan in the world’s largest Polynesian city?

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