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If you enjoyed 20th Century Boys Trilogy you'll also love these great titles

Death Note: L Change the World

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 10/09/2008

Set during the events of DEATH NOTE, the world's greatest detective, known only as "L", finds himself battling a new kind of Death God.... more »

Death Note Movie 1 & 2 Special Edition (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 10/08/2011

How do you find a serial killer when the killer only needs to know the face and the name of his victims?... more »


(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 14/05/2008

Based on a comic by anime grandmaster Osamu Tezuka (ASTROBOY) comes a world of demons and samurai.... more »

009-1: The End of the Beginning

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 23/07/2014

In the near future, the world becomes divided between the Western and Eastern blocks. Mylene is a cyborg... more »


(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 26/02/2014

After an apparent suicide attempt, Atsumi has been left in a coma for year. Now through a radical new... more »

Space Battleship Yamato

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 14/12/2011

In the year 2194, alien marauders, the Gamilons, bombard the Earth with planetary bombs sent from space. Humanity fights back but is defeated and escapes underground.... more »

The Chasing World

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 06/04/2011

Modern day Tokyo collides with BATTLE ROYALE in this thriller where a teenager, Tsubasa Sato, is flung... more »

Alien vs Ninja

(DVD) - RELEASE DATE: 02/03/2011

Once upon a time in Japan, there was a band of great Iga Ninja warriors, led by Yamata. One day, they... more »

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