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Supanova Expo - Sydney 2007

Sydney Olympic Park, Showground Rd, Homebush Bay, NSW 2127

Friday October 12, 2007 to Sunday October 14, 2007


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Australia's premiere pop culture event. Featuring Anime, comics, manga, games, wrestling, and more. With special guests voice actors and creators from all over the world.

This year's event moves to THE DOME located at the Sydney Olympic Park with everything under the one roof!


Madman Cosplay Contests
Cosplay Chess
The Otaku List (Trivia)
Catch the Barrel
Kamehameha Blast-Off!
Iron Artist featuring Quick Draw (Presented by OzTaku)

Guests Attending Supanova 2007 - Sydney

Celebrity Guests
Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Cast & Crew of Gabriel
Greg McLean (Director of Rogue and Wolf Creek)
Temuera Morrison (Star Wars Episodes II & III)
Kate Vernon (Battlestar Galactica)
Lani Tupu (Farscape)
Clayton Watson (Matrix Revolutions)

Anime Guests
Richard Epcar - Voice of Batou from Ghost in the Shell (all), Zangetsu in Bleach, Bowman from Macross Plus, Vince Grant in Robotech and more!
Ellyn Stern - Miyuki Goto from Noein (screening now on ABC2, Haraway - Ghost in the Shell 2
Liam O'Brien (Gaara from Naruto, ADR Director for Naruto, Vincent Law from Ergo Proxy, Nightcrawler and Angel, WOLVERINE AND THE XMEN)
Michael Sinterniklaas (Leonardo from TMNT/TMNT Fast Forward, Dean Venture from The Venture Bros, Mikey from Kappa Mikey

Mary Elizabeth McGylnn (Due to work commitments she has unforunately canceled her apperance)
Daran Norris (Due to work commitments has canceled his apperaance)
Debi Derryberry (Due to family reasons has unfortunately had to cancel

Manga Guests
Queenie Chan (The Dreaming and Odd Thomas)
Madeline Rosca (Hollow Fields, Runner up of the International manga Awards)

STAN LEE via Video Conference more details here:
Brandon Peterson (Ultimate Vision, Strange, Ultimate X-Men, Incredible Hulk)
Whilce Portacio (Batman: Confidential, Wetworks, Uncanny X-Men)
Marv Wolfman (Nightwing, Crisis On Infinite Earths, New Teen Titans)
David Yardin (Storm, Black Panther, Undisclosed New Project for Marvel)
Stewart McKenny (DC Supa Friends, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Captain America)
Nate Butler (Archie & Jughead, The Muppets, Rocky & Bullwinkle)
Chris Sequeira (Justice League Adventures, 9-11: Artists Respond - Volume II)
Chew Chan (Superman Returns)

Dan DiDio (D.C. Comics) Apologies: Family problems have forced Dan to cancel his trip
Marvel Comics: Apologies: Deadlines on staff have meant that they'll see us here in Australia next year instead

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Authors
Sonny Whitelaw (Stargate)
Marianne De Pierres (Parrish Plessis)
Jennifer Fallon (The Hythrun Chronicles)
Karen Miller (Kingmaker, Kingbreaker)
Kerrie Dougherty (Star Wars: Complete Locations, Dr. Who: The Visual Dictionary)

Who was there?

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Photos of Supanova Expo - Sydney 2007

Comments (5)

Franky01 said:

I only recognize two people who are going. The rest of you come say hi!

8AM 03/10/07

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formal-gal said:

hi :)

7AM 07/10/07

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hikaru-chan said:

hi hi
I'll be in the Cosplay Chess as Aerith... be sure to watch folks

12PM 11/10/07

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Renton7 said:

Awesome event. Loved the Ryuk cosplay winner he was freakin gun. So much fun too, also i was able to find the Gaara Limited edition statue limited to 2000 worldwide you can check it out along with my other 2 limited NAruto figures on my collection page if you wish ^_^

1PM 13/10/07

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Kenshin 1867 said:

it was graet

4AM 18/10/07

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