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Keep The Kids Happy This Holiday Season With These Mr. Fuzzypants Activities

School holidays mean parents will be struggling to do Christmas shopping, keep the rellies happy and cook for an epic festive feast, all the while trying to make sure the little darlings are entertained. We're here to help!

Oh no, parents, it’s almost the school holidays. You know what this means: while you struggle to cook, clean and make conversation with a near-endless stream of relatives, your wonderful, apple-of-your eye children will drone after you like flies, moaning “Muuuuuuuum…I’m BOOOOORED”.

Well, don’t let the holidays get you down! Download these cute activities, pop MR FUZZYPANTS in the DVD or Blu Ray player (or grab the digital copy) and bathe in the sweet silence of contented children. Aaaaahhhh…


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Help Mr. Fuzzypants get back to his family!






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