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Last Minute Halloween-spiration For a DIY Costume

Left your Halloween costume to the last second AGAIN? Never fear, Madman is here with some particularly awesome D.I.Y costumes inspired by some of our favourite films. Seriously though, you forgot about Halloween? We need to have a chat about your priorities.

We actually had to do a double take on this because it looks so much like a real Banksy!

This Pulp Fiction costume is on point (get it, point, needle?) miawallacecostume

This one might be a bit obscure for some people, but nothing says ‘I like to wear costumes, and I also care about data retention’ like this Edward Snowden get up

Vote for awesome

For people who love Star Wars, but have low expectations



I’m a mouse, duh!

These guys might be badies, but why doesn’t anybody talk about how much of a sadistic psychopath Kevin McCallister is?

“I’m taking Rex his lunch!!!!”

No secret that that Iris Apfel is a style goddess

I for one welcome our alien overlords, all hail Xenu

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