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Mad March Manga Countdown

It's the end of March, the Maddest Month of the Year (or so we've heard). We here at Madman love everything mad, so to commemorate the end of the month, we've put together a list of some of the maddest manga around (excluding stuff that are crazy to the point of not making any sense whatsoever and are probably harmful to your mental health).

8. Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal – Kazuki Takahashi

What is even going on here? I just don’t understand.

Those hair styles are mad. Do they have to get their hair styled and coloured like that, or do they just wake up looking that anime? It is one of the great mysteries of the universe.

7. Toriko – Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

Just like mama used to make.

It’s an action packed shounen manga… But with cooking! Like Iron chef, only with really really buff dudes!

6. Terra Formers – Yu Sasuga

Why are the cockroaches so buff? Are these sexualised cockroaches?

Mankind vs. Cockroaches. The fateful battle we all knew would one day have to happen.

5. – Suekane Kumiko

I can’t even think of anything witty for this one.

Teenage clones of historical figures attend high school. Includes a quiet, bullied little chap named Hitler.

4. Food Wars – Yuto Tsukuda

Kaki seeds are both delicious and attractive.

It’s an action packed shounen manga… But with cooking! Like Iron chef, only – wait a second. This one has less buff dudes and more food-so-good-my-clothes-just-flew-off moments.

3. Assassination Classroom – Yusei Matsui

A+ in the Naruto exam.

A strange tentacled creature (who claims he is human) blows up half the Moon and threatens to destroy the world in a year if his demands aren’t met. His demands? Teach a class of misfits at a Japanese high school and get them to assassinate him. Tentacle jokes ensue.

2. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures – Hirohiko Araki

You expected this would be a photo of Jojo, but it was me, Dio!

A cult classic that involves time traveling, vampires, dinosaurs, coffee and mozzarella.

1. Uzumaki – Junji Ito

What shampoo do you use?

A bizarre horror manga from the strange mind of Junji Ito. Various strange events start occurring in a coastal town, such as people turning into snails, babies taking over a hospital and hair becoming sentient and duelling for supremacy. Once you’ve read this, you’ll never see a spiral the same way.

What are some of the maddest manga you’ve read? Was your March very mad?

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