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Neon Genesis Evangelion Blu-Ray Release Update

We wish to inform that due to production issues, we will be amending the upcoming releases of affected SKUs

SKU’s affected:

Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray from January to February
Standard Edition Blu-Ray from February to March 
Collector’s Edition product will ship on time unchanged 

It has been confirmed that Disc 5 containing a bonus feature “THE END OF EVANGELION – Deleted Live Action Scene” that does not have English language subtitles. As such the following actions will be taking place for each product:

Ultimate Edition customers will have a replacement disc included within the package that will be mailed out with their sets.

Standard Edition products will have the new version of the disc included on ship out to stores in March.

As the Collector’s Edition product arrived after the discovery of this error we were unable to replace the disc in question prior to shipping. As it is not practical to replace the disc prior to shipping, this product will ship with the missing subtitles on this extra.

For those who purchased the Collector’s Edition and wish to receive a replacement disc in question please contact with your proof of purchase (photo of receipt from your place of purchase / PDF of order is ok) along with your preferred mailing address and name.

Madman Anime Group wishes to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause some customers.

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