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In 2005, Madman Entertainment is bringing a whole new range of manga to Australian shores. From our Singapore publishing partners Chuang Yi come three new exciting titles: Slam Dunk, Fruits Basket and Love for Venus, all of which will be making their way to stores from February 9th 2005 and at the new low RRP price of $12.95!

Slam Dunk
The classic basketball comedy/drama manga is finally here! Lace up your boots and step onto the court, as Madman Entertainment launches into Slam Dunk! With its Story and Art by Inoue Takehiko (VAGABOND, BUZZER BEATER), Slam Dunk combines all the elements of an exciting saga ? humour and suspense, as well as its trademark thrilling basketball matches.

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To get a taste of just what Slam Dunk! is all about, look out for the preview issue zero in the upcoming issue of KRASH magazine on sale 7 January 2005.

Hanamichi Sakuragi has a strong dislike of basketball. Imagine his predicament when he meets the girl of his dreams, Haruko Akagi and learns that she’s crazy about the game! To win her favor, he decides to join the school basketball team. But to the surprise of everyone, including himself, Hanamichi seems to be a natural at the game, beating even the captain of the team in a furious match…

SLAM DUNK VOL. 1 IT33301 $12.95
SLAM DUNK VOL. 2 IT33302 $12.95
SLAM DUNK VOL. 3 IT33303 $12.95

Fruits Basket
You?ve seen the anime, now read the manga! The fan favorite and highly requested Fruits Basket manga will finally make its way here. The basis for the hit anime series, Fruits Basket is a heart warming tale that is sure to keep readers wanting more!

Tohru Honda is a simple, sweet-natured girl who, despite her happy-go-lucky disposition, never actually has much luck on her side. Her fortune is about to change, however, when her classmate Yuki Sohma offers to put her up at his house, after Tohru’s makeshift home is washed away in a storm. There, she unwittingly stumbles upon his family’s deep dark secret, and a series of madcap and heartwarming antics ensue as the lives of the once private Sohmas are turned upside down with the arrival of the new addition to their family! It’s time for the party to begin, and everyone’s invited!

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FRUITS BASKET VOL. 1 HA51001 $12.95
FRUITS BASKET VOL. 2 HA51002 $12.95
FRUITS BASKET VOL. 3 HA51003 $12.95

Love for Venus
This adorable romance saga features both Story and Art by Yuki Nakaji (Heaven Company), and it?s sure to win fans amongst anyone who loved [insert titles eg. Love Hina etc]

Suzuna had long dreamt of living on her own, relishing the freedom of being a University student, building castles in the sky about meeting someone special along the way…
However, life turns out to be a not-so-smooth stroll in the park, what with a pain-in-the-rear of a classmate cum next door neighbour, Eichi! But good things do come, in the form of Fukami, Eiichi’s best friend! Fukami never fails to cause a stir in Suzuna’s heart!

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LOVE FOR VENUS VOL. 1 HA50301 $12.95
LOVE FOR VENUS VOL. 2 HA50302 $12.95

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