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Sailor Moon comes to Blu-Ray for the first time in Australia & New Zealand

Fans all across Australia and New Zealand can rejoice! Sailor Moon will finally be coming to Blu-Ray.

We are very excited to announce that the much beloved original Sailor Moon TV series will be coming soon to Blu-Ray for the very first time in Australia and New Zealand. We’ve got some details for the release that will be hitting shelves from December 2017.

Why are you releasing a Blu-Ray now and not before?
For the very first time the series will become available in a HD format for fans to own, using the newly created High Definition masters from Japan. As we had announced during the initial license acquisition back in 2014, since there had not been a Blu-Ray release in Japan, we felt it was best to wait for there to be an original Japanese HD master to become available before we released the series on Blu-ray. In the mean time we had sourced masters from all across the world in order to create our DVD releases with the promise of delivering a Blu-Ray release down the track. At the time of the original DVD release, we had no insight into when or if a HD master would ever be created in Japan. These season sets will initially be released in a collector’s format with a hardbox, collector’s booklet and 2 cases in each sets housing each season.  The Blu-Rays will be consistent with the DVD sets and will contain both the original Japanese audio options with English subtitles and also new English dub audio.

How will you be releasing it?
We will be releasing the series on Blu-Ray as complete season sets initially. Season 1, Season 2 (R), Season 3 (S) will be released as complete Blu-Ray sets starting from December 2017 with Sailor Moon Super S and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars released alongside the DVD parts sets. The look of the Blu-Ray sets will be consistent with the style that we have done for the DVD sets. This is done in order to allow for the half season sets to be released at the same time as the DVD for season 4 and 5. Pricing and other inclusions are to be determined, so please check back with our website and social media as we work on confirming the final formats and other release information.

What about the DVD sets?
Seasons 1 through 3(S) will remain exactly the same as they are now. We will not be remastering these DVD sets. However with the release of each of these seasons on Blu-Ray we will also be repackaging the currently released parts into a complete season set. No modifications will be done to the exisiting DVD sets.

What is happening with Sailor Moon Super S and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars? 
These yet to be released seasons will continue to be released in half season parts on DVD and Blu-Ray initially. We wish to continue with a consistent release pattern for these in order for collectors who have collected the sets originally to have a clean continuous release. Sailor Moon Super S and Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars will be released using these newly created masters for both the DVD and BD sets. Both Season 4 and 5 will have Blu-Ray releases initially, alongside DVD releases in 2 parts for each season as well as a Collector’s Edition for Part 1 of each season, which will contain a booklet and hardbox to house both parts of each season. We are releasing it in this format in order to be able to release the Blu-Ray sets in sync with the DVD and also be able to present it in a consistent format with the DVD sets. As mentioned above, Seasons 1-3’s initial release will be released in a way that has a consistent look with how season 4 and 5 are released so that it will have a consistent look for the entire set.

What about the movies? 
We will release the movies on Blu-Ray, but the format in how they are released is yet to be decided. As soon as we have made a decision we will be sure to update this blog and make release plans known.

We hope this clears up any confusion surrounding the Sailor Moon release. We are very excited to be able to bring the series to all fans on Blu-Ray and continue with releasing the entire original series for the first time for fans in Australia and New Zealand. Please continue to look forward to our upcoming releases and thank you for your support!

Blu-Ray Release. New HD Masters from Japan
Season 1, Season 2 (R), Season 3 (S). Complete Blu-Ray Sets.
Season 4 (Super S), Season 5 (Sailor Stars). Half Season Sets alongside DVD release

DVD Release.
Season 1, Season 2 (R), Season 3 (S).Complete Season Sets to be released same time as Blu-Ray Sets
Season 4 (Super S), Season 5 (Sailor Stars) – Half season sets as per regular release using new Japanese HD masters. Will be released alongside BD sets

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