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In this special guest post, IGN Australia’s Senior Editor, Cam Shea, ponders his love for ADVENTURE TIME and the genius of its global fan base.

What time is it , Cam?



The last five or so years have been amazing for animated TV series’. REGULAR SHOW, ARCHER, BOB’S BURGERS, ADVENTURE TIME… the list goes on. They’re all brilliant shows in their own rights, but ADVENTURE TIME holds a particularly special place in my heart. Why? It just fizzes along with this infectious, effervescent energy and anarchic attitude. It brims with imagination, and the art direction and animation are inspired. What’s not to like?

What indeed. Chances are you’re already a fan. In fact, let’s assume you are, and don’t need any convincing. Instead of celebrating the show, let’s celebrate the fans. Even a casual Google image search turns up a treasure trove of amazing ADVENTURE TIME-related art and photos, and here are five(-ish) of my faves…


1)  The Creation of Lemongrab


THIS ARTWORK IS… ACCEPTABLE! (Lemongrab – what a bizarrely awesome character.)


2) Who wants to play video games?


What more could you ask for in your cartoons than an adorably endearing anthropomorphic game machine? (Who has noir adventures on the side.)


3) Adventure Fiction


Actually, while we’re here, Pulp Fiction / Adventure Time crossovers seem pretty popular…


Although, I guess that probably goes for any cross-over. Let’s test the waters. Adventure Time meeeeeeeets… Totoro?


BOOM! Oh my god that’s so damn good! And just the tip of the iceberg too…

Let’s try an obvious one. Adventure Time aaaaaaaaand Mario!


Oh man, I could play this game all day.


4) Ice King – great character, or the greatest character?

Anyway, in the hands of the community, he’s often portrayed in quite a different light…


This guy has also done incredible Finn and Marceline illustrations so check him out at the link above.


5) The full ensemble.


Why the hell did I only choose five? This list could have gone on forever. So many awesome characters that barely got a look in. What are your favourite pieces of Adventure Time fan-art? Or the most awesome cross-overs you’ve seen? Let us know!


You can read more of Cam’s work over at

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