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The Internet Celebrates Your Name’s Television Debut

On Wednesday, Your Name screened on TV for the first time. Unsurprisingly, the internet was excited, with fanart, parody pictures and comments flooding Twitter. Your Name director Makoto Shinkai himself even jumped in on the action, posting a video about a cameo in Your Name that everyone has missed.

A lot of people tuned in to Your Name this Wednesday on TV Asahi. In fact, according to Video Research, 17.4% of viewers watched it. That’s higher than Shin Godzilla’s screening last year, which attracted 15.2% of viewers. It’s no wonder so many tuned in, considering it’s currently the fourth highest-grossing film in Japan.

While most people know that Yukino from Shinkai’s earlier film, Garden of Words appears in Your Name, it seems people hadn’t noticed another Garden character shows up towards the end of the film… Protagonist Takao!

Before the film’s airing, Shinkai sent out a tweet telling people to keep an eye out for Takao. For those who didn’t manage to spot the blink-or-you’ll-miss-it scene, Shinkai later tweeted out a video showing Takao’s cameo scene:

Makes us wonder who else may have a cameo in the film?

Elsewhere, telecommunications corporation SoftBank put out an ad featuring it’s main cast (including the talking dog mascot/father, Otosan) switching bodies (but retaining their original voices). It even uses that memorable line from the film, “Could this be… we switched places!?”, as well as the song Zenzenzense by Radwimps.

Also seen during Your Name, an ad for the major correspondence education Z-Kai, who cooperated on Your Name. It’s an ad from 2014, named Cross Road. What’s so special about this ad and why was it played in the ad break for this film? Well, Masayoshi Tanaka, who did the character designs and some animation for Your Name did the same for this ad, and Shinkai directed it! You can watch the ad here.

Meanwhile, back on Twitter, the internet was having a field day with Your Name. Memes and fanart sprang up as fans celebrated the screening.

For example, Rey and Kylo Ren getting in on the body switching confusion…

…A Granblue Fantasy crossover…


…and people photoshopping apps onto Taki’s phone…


And where would we be without some beautiful fan art?


Even the character designer, Masayoshi Tanaka, posted some art to celebrate!


Did you see any great Your Name posts on your timeline in celebration of the film airing? Let us know; we’re always keen to see more!

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