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What night is VAMPIRE KNIGHT? Every weeknight at 8pm on ABC3 from 28/3/11

Iron your school uniforms, Day Class!  We’re going on a Monday-Friday excursion to meet the Night Class (very taboo) on ABC3 from March 28th.

What the hell does that mean?  VAMPIRE KNIGHT is debuting to sate your bloodthirsty viewing needs – prepare to lap up it’s moody, gothic, entertaining vitae and let your friends know about this cool vampire action and drama series. And yes, for those that had wondered, it will be screened without edits.

Based in a school where there are two classes, normal humans in the Day Class and vampires in the Night, a human girl, Yuki, and a Vampire hunter, Zero, must keep the two groups apart for their own safety.  Zero has secretly been infected as a vampire, which makes him hate Kaname, the hunky lead vampire that saved Yuki all those years ago, all the more.

Delicious melodrama and full of cool vampire action! Plant yourself in front of the box and tune to ABC3 on March 28th, 8pm!

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